What Izzy’s “Wet” Day is Like

Okay, so I know your first question…what the heck is “wet” day? Nothing really, it’s just what I call the days I wet my hair without cleansing it (wash day). What actually happens could be a variety of things (conditioning, deep conditioning, oil rinsing, water rinsing, etc), but I wanted to briefly review what I did today while it’s still fresh in my mind as a supplement to my regimen. So, here we go!!


Quote of the Day: On Hair Typing

Earlier today, I was on my Facebook page, throwing some shade at hair typing. Yes, yes I was. Now, before you get all hurt, let me be clear, I was not throwing shade at the people who follow hair typing. Here’s what I said:

Here’s a thought: If hair type is so objective and important, you should be able to look at the pics and figure out your (or someone else’s) type easy as pie. Yet…hair forums are inundated with threads with folks asking their hair type. Okaaaaay…

As a whole, I give the system a side eye because it basically implies that you can find out everything your hair needs simply by the shape of your curl. This is laughable to me. Also, I don’t see how something that is supposed to be helpful has women making hair forum threads by the hour asking people to diagnose them. I refuse to believe there are that many women who just need people to tell them they aren’t a Type 4 (if you read hair forums – you know what I’m talking about – a common rationalization for asking about hair type is so people can reassure the poster that they lucked out and dodged being a 4). Point blank. Moving on. Anyway, one of the comments from my pals had me fist pumping and cuttin’ some steps like the spirit had caught me, so I felt the need to share it with you all.

This is exactly why I dont subscribe to the hair typing. Like Lavern I have at least 4 different textures…when ppl ask what my hair type is…I say just MY type. The key to growing healthy hair is learning your own hair period…watching YT reading blogs is helpful but in my opinion (32 years relaxer free total, last relaxer 12/95) there is no better way to understand what works for your hair and what doesnt then taking the time to learn your own hair. Asking someone what product they use is senseless….what matters is what YOUR hair likes. Trial and error baby…there is no way around it. At the end of the day there are only four types, straight, wavy, curly and kinky…those sub-types were supposed to help but as a stylist who’s clientele base is either transitioning or chemical free, it is highly confusing to 90% of the women I speak to. Take the time to learn your own hair and forget about typing. You empower yourself when you are able to assess your hairs needs by touch, sight, and smell, to know what it needs…only time and effort you put into caring for it will allow you to do that. It will also help assure you’re not a victim in the salon because you don’t know your hair needs or what products agree with it better than someone you just met.

– Amber

When I read this comment, all I could say was, “YES.” Often, people come on my blog, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook and ask me what they should use or what they should to to their hair. 99% of the time, my answer is vague or I refer to my HG List and/or Regimen as a starting point. I’m pretty sure there are some ladies out there thinking, “This heffa…” But the thing is, I’m not a liar. It’s simply impossible for me to tell you what is best for you to do to your hair. I can offer knowledge, and share my experience as an example, but at the end of the day, I simply cannot express how important it is for people to do their own research and learn their own hair. If I’ve never touched  and styled your hair or examined a hair strand, I can’t tell you what your porosity/texture/density is with certainty, no matter how thoroughly you try to explain it to me. I can’t tell you what combination of products will give you moisturized, perfect hair. And honestly, if you don’t feel the need to learn about your own hair, neither do I.

As for Amber…well…I don’t even know why she’s on my blog anyway…because she’s clearly got it down pat. Hittin’ the nail all kinds of on the head. Giving me warm fuzzies and stuff.


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