Hello Friday, My Hair Did Something Good!

I must say, the combination, or like the curlies like to say, curly cocktail, that I used to morning is totally making me happy! Defined, but not crunchy, curls, minimal frizz, and I smell like candy!!! Here’s what I used:

Conditioner: Giovannni Smooth as Silk (nom)

Leave-in: KC Knot Today

Styling: A dab of KC Curling Custard mixed with DevaCare Arc AnGell—turn head upside down, scrunch, flip it back, scrunch a bit more. Sweeeet.

Finishing: Let hair air dry for like, 20  minutes, spritz some DevaCurl Set It Free in my hand, scrunch in hair and smooth the top.

Then I ran out of my apartment to get to work, let it air dry without touching. When I got to work I went into the bathroom and scrunched out a bit of the crunchiness from the KCCC and am now left with soft curlies. And, my boss told me I smell like dessert! Win and win!

One thought on “Hello Friday, My Hair Did Something Good!

  1. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day indeed! Nothing better than to smell like fresh candy. I am certainly wanting to try the Kinky Curly line for sure. Do you still do this regimen?

    Btw I did the Eco Styler and let it dry. It is still damp in some places after what 8 hours!! It still looks the same as if I watched with Mixed Chicks but more softer. I use a detangle comb which I usually do not do in the shower. I always fear it will kill the curl that the curl will not be the same. It snapped itself back into place. I see no difference though. Instead of David B. I used Bed Head Sulfate Free & Cond plus Aussie Moist. I got the same result. Interesting. I need to use up my shamp & cond. I have too many floating around. ;( I have also been looking at the Komazahaircare.com. It has really good stuff. 🙂

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