Apparently, I’m Tina Turner. And Hair is Weird.

Okay, not for reals, but I went to the beach this weekend and was rocking the curly poof hair, and my friend thought it was hilarious to call me Tina Turner all night because my hair was everywhere. To each his own…although everyone definitely thought I was going to punch him in the face.

Anyway, I was letting my hair do its own thing, and with the help of DevaCurl Set It Free, I was able to maintain the style and keep the frizzies away, even if I was by the water. Still can’t tell what my natural hair is going to look like, and this annoys me immensely. I have realized though, that my relaxed hair is two different textures. While most of my relaxed hair falls into like…the 3b category I’d say, there is a spot in the back where the hair is significantly  curlier/fro-ish. See the pic. Isn’t that weird? I sort of hope it doesn’t grown out like that.Hair