Thinking of Rockin’ a Little ‘Fro

So…I know, I’m totally impatient. I haven’t relaxed my hair since around May 9th (I think?), which is a pretty long time for me, because I used to do them myself whenever I wanted. I can see the new growth, and am starting to wonder if it’s going to look crazy, even with wearing my hair curly, because it’s not like, getting longer…just bigger. If my roots continue to get significantly bigger than my relaxed hair, in about two months I feel like I’m going to need to cut it off, because the whole point of me going natural is to wear my hair as is and not spend forever styling it–even if it’s “natural” styles like twist outs or knot outs. When I did knots in my hair, it ended up taking an hour, then I had to dry my hair–more time! This was not the point of this exercise, people! I just hope I don’t end up looking like a boy or something. The shortest I ever had my hair cut is chin length and I don’t really think I am an afro type of girl. No offense to the ladies who want to rock them, but I’m not sure I could. But I’m thinking about it. My hair just doesn’t make a lot of sense though. Which I guess is suitable, because I don’t make a lot of sense.

Furthermore, this has me thinking…what’s really the point of “going natural” unless you stop pressing/flat ironing your hair? I mean, I understand if you are natural and you press your hair like, every few months or something, just for a change, but why grow out your hair and continue straightening it? I’m confused by this–especially because I feel like relaxed hair is easier to manage if you don’t mind the blow drying and all. But I guess I have a different perspective because I always did my own hair–I go to the salon maybe every six months to get a haircut, that’s about it. If you have to go to the salon anyway with relaxed hair, you might be more inclined to have natural, straightened hair–is it thicker/healthier? Who knows…I always thought my hair was more damaged by heat rather than the chemicals in my relaxer.

Just some random things I think about…

3 thoughts on “Thinking of Rockin’ a Little ‘Fro

  1. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    I am sure that you would look good with a curly afro. Because essentially, our hair is not made to lay down. If we wash our hair and let it air dry without a hair dryer, it will either lay partially or be puffed out a bit. For me my hair will weigh down after the wash but as it dries, it’s like a biscuit. It rises. Unless your hair get curly without much maintenance (besides the wash, cond, DT), you will be good to go. For some it takes a bit of time. It also depends on hair length. The afro is quite symbolic and about pride. Essentially when you are a natural you have the best of both worlds IMO.

    You can press/flat iron or rock it curly. With a relaxer you cannot have the beautiful natural curl pattern. It has to be roller set or put in a some form of process like spiral rods. I personally like this idea. You are still a natural but you have versatile means of wearing your hair. The chemicals in relaxer are weigh harsh becausde it chemically straightens it. I was glad to move away from pressing combs to just flat iron. The flat iron will not harm it as much as pure heat from a pressing comb. Our hair have to relax as well. It’s why I gave my hair a break from flat ironing. Relaxers are easier to manage, save time, but over time for your hair. It may not be the best. I’m not a hair expert. I just heard relaxers/perms are not good for black hair.

    • HB says:

      I actually disagree with this. Since I’ve gone natural, I’ve realized that black women can have all type of hair, from loose curls to tight kinks. It just depends. I have seen some people’s hair hang, while others’ hair grows out. I used to think that all Black women had to have afros, but I looked up a TON of pics and found that our hair is so versatile…it’s fierce!

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