Curls Goddess Glaze: I’m on the Fence…

So yesterday, I received my Curls Goddess Glaze in the mail. First off, I’d like to say that Curls has pretty fast shipping, which is great because I can’t buy their products in any stores around me.  I was excited to try the new product, but decided to be a good little wildchild and wait until the morning to do my regular wash n’ go. **Disclaimer: This week, it is extremely hot and humid in DC…like, nasty hot and muggy. Cali can’t come fast enough!!**

This is what I used: Shampoo (Yes, I shampooed my hair…I usually don’t but it’s been like, 3 weeks and my scalp felt like there was some buildup): Redken Smooth Down, Conditioner: Giovanni Smooth as Silk, Leave-in: KC Knot Today, obvi! Now for the Goddess Glaze. It took me awhile to get the pump working right, but I eventually got it out. The texture was thicker than KCCC and not as slimy. The scent–well, there was no scent. I have to say that I actually didn’t like this, because I like yummy smelling hair products. Smelling like dessert is always a plus in my book. KCCC’s vanilla smell is awesome! Anyway, I got to my regular finger styling routine…apply, flip, scrunch, flip, scrunch…My hair was less sticky than with the KCCC, and it seemed like the gel was giving me some good definition. My hair wasn’t freezing up, which is always a plus. Wait 20 minutes…add some DevaCurl Set It Free. Bounce out the door….

Uh…so it was a little “breezy” (if you can call it that, it was more like heat wind, ew) while I was walking to the metro…I caught a glimpse of myself in the window of a car. Now…my hair was still very wet, but uhhhh…it was very frizzy looking, which is not the business. However, I didn’t want to try to “fix” it on the metro…so I just sat there with my hair looking a hot mess. Whatever, it’s the DC metro…wasn’t trying to impress anyone. And for some reason, my hair has this weird in between stage from wet to dry, where it looks like it’s going to be super frizzy, and then it calms down after I scrunch out any crunch. Weird, who knows how that works. When I got off the metro, I glanced in a mirror column of a building, still looking icky. Frown, looks like I’m going to have to spend the day looking like someone jacked me for my hair product. But fret not, the WildChild is hopeful, and I thought I might be able to fix this.

I got to work and went straight to the bathroom to scrunch some more. It’s not looking as frizzy, but still worse than I would like. This is what it came out like–actually, I took these when I got home and added MORE.

GG Side ViewMean MugBack View GG

Let’s go to the pros and cons:

Pros: Comparable to my other products in price/non-drying/pretty good curl definition/lightweight/non-crunchy/less drying time

Cons: No protection against frizz/odorless/curls a bit too “fluffy”

I’m almost positive if I combine this with my KCCC, it’ll alleviate the frizz problem. But you can’t really be a HG product if I can’t use you alone, now can you? I’ll give it one curl up though, my hair is super soft. I’ll try it with KCCC tomorrow…I wonder if it can beat my cocktail of KCCC and Arc AnGell. And maybe it would have been okay if it weren’t so crazy humid around here. My hair looked fine until I stepped outside.

UPDATE: So today I tried the Goddess Glaze with KCCC, and I think I’m taking away half a curl. I don’t really like this gel too much. My hair looks too frizzy, even with layering it. I also don’t really like the texture of the gel. It feels kind of like glue. It’s not that it’s bad, but for the price/inconvenience of ordering online, there are better gels I can use, like the DevaCurl ones, with my KCCC and get better results. Maybe I’ll try the Gel-les’c.

12/25/09: Amending this post again. I actually found a combo that makes the Goddess Glaze work really well. Okay, I didn’t find it per se, I read it on the Naturally Curly forums, heehee. I mixed my Komaza Care Coconut Hair Pudding with this, and for some reason, they work really well together. Soft hair with light hold, minimal frizz. Initially I was going to try to swap this stuff, but now I’m going to keep it for days I don’t want to use my HG products. Swizzle!

2/27/10: Well, now that I’ve figured out how to love the Coconut Hair Pudding, I don’t really need to use this with it. Also, I styled with this the other day, and it was the FIRST time I actually noticed shrinkage. I mean shit, my hair is like 2.5-3 inches; I never notice shrinkage! But this…yea. Lame! I can’t wait to get rid of this stuff, lol.