DevaCurl AnGell…I Really Wanted to Hate You, But I Think We’re Good.

Last week, I went to Ulta to trade in my Mister Right for another bottle of Arc AnGell. It wasn’t that the misting spray wasn’t good…I dunno, it was just too much product in my hair and I would rather get more gel. However,they were all out of Arc AnGell (WOMP, Ulta, WOMP) and only had one bottle of AnGell. Normally, I would have just waited, but I was going out of town the next day and needed to get something that transports easily (ie, not a pump bottle–thanks, Goddess Glaze). Since there was onloy one bottle left, I didn’t want to push my luck so I grabbed it.

I generally didn’t think this gel would work at all for me, because it’s fairly light and I like something with more hold. I did mix it with my KCCC (like I do EVERYTHING) in hopes of adding more definition and decrease potential frizziness. And my goodness, did it work! Like always, I had to scrunch out the crunch, but this was a lot easier because the second styler I used was so light. The best part was, my hair was so soft–seriously, I couldn’t stop touching it…which made it HUGE, but whatever, haha. I’m not sure how it would have worked alone (probably would have been too light), but I recommend this for chicks with thinner hair. HOWEVER, seriously, this gel STINKS. I’m sorry, but I HATE the smell. I usually like them to smell like dessert (vanilla) or something, but this had a very strong perfumey smell. Icks. It was wackitude. It goes away though, and I guess other people like more perfume-like smells. Just not this wildchild. So…unsubscribe on the smell.

Pros: Light/no buildup/non-drying

Cons: Smell/not sure about using it alone

Anyway, I’ll keep this post short, but AnGell gets one curl up…two if I can get it to work w/o KCCC. And like always, don’t forget the leave-in!