Hair Anger: Roller Set

So I’m livid. Like super livid, which is motivating me to chop off all my hair even more. I keep trying to figure out styles that I can wear while transitioning in addition to my wash and go, and it’s just not working.

Last night, I tried a roller set. I bought the satin covered Mosaic Goody rollers from CVS and proceeded to roll my hair after CO washing. I sealed each piece with shea butter and used coconut oil and Knot Today as a leave-in. Now, I have a head full of hair, so this took about an hour. I used like…probably 30 rollers or so. Already annoyed. After that, I diffused my hair for a little to try to dry it some. Then, I went to the gym (which was funny looking), then came home and dried some more.

Roller Set

…8 hours later I woke up and felt my front roller. Hm. It still felt wet. I unrolled a little roller that was by my hairline–oh, this is dry, yay! My hair was really soft too. Win? No, FAIL. I’m guessing like, 75% of my rollers were still wet. And when I say wet, I don’t mean a bit damp. I mean like…limp (not even frizzy) wet hair. Fail. I mean, I guess maybe it would have worked to sit under a hooded dryer for another two hours before I went to bed…but seriously, I don’t have time for all that. It’s not worth it. I had to rewet my hair in the shower and succumb to the wash and go.

Heavily considering the cut this weekend. Angry WildChild.