Big Things Poppin’ (Curlin’)

Two things that I have to announce. First off, I’m sitting in my living room with a bunch of braids and curlers in my hair. Yes friends, I’m trying a different transition style one more time. A “braid out” I guess it’s called? However, to alleviate my problem with my hair never drying, I used second day hair that I had pulled back into a ponytail and used a spray bottle to dampen it with water after using coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner. My hair isn’t that wet at all, but should have enough product in it from the past two days, so let’s hope this works. I curled the ends with my Mosaic curlers again and used shea butter on my hairline and some of the ends where I didn’t think the coconut oil had saturated that section. We’ll see how it goes.

ALSO, I think (hope) that tomorrow is the day I am cutting my hair! I’m not exactly sure why, but I feel it’s time? I dunno, maybe I’m just so ready to see my texture (where it’d really only be on the sides/back with some relaxed hair still on top) and I am tired of my hair looking awesome in mid-day (not in the morning before I scrunch it out and certainly not the next day) and when i get home from work and that’s it. Why do I think cutting my hair will help this? Well, here’s my rationale. I sleep on my side, so I feel like my hair is ruined from me sleeping on it. No hair on sides (regardless of whether I put a scarf on or what), no flat head. Also, I really just want to get this relaxed hair off my head, but am totally too scared to do a Big Chop to a Teeny Weeny Afro. I admit it; I’m a wimp. So, if I have hair on top I feel like I haven’t taken a big risk. Who knows, maybe I’ll chicken out tomorrow.  I hope not, and if I don’t chicken out, geez I really hope I don’t hate my hair!

WildChild out. xoxo