WildChild Chopped Her Hair Off.

Soooo…I did it, the BC. Lol, okay sorta, not all the way though. I mean come on, I’m not that bold. I went to One80 Salon in DC (cute place) and my girl from HS, Amy, did the cut for me. She totally played me too, because she cut off a bunch even before I even got my hair washed! I was like, “Daaaaamn Amy, it’s like that?!” Alright, so no turning back now. I think she did it on purpose. I had her keep some length on the top so I can wear a curly mop on top of my hair, because I’m silly like that. So far, I have heard the following comments:

“Your hair looks very California.”


“Looks more 80-ish than I thought.”—aaaaand, I heart the 80s!!

“I’m going to live vicariously through you, I’m too scared to cut my hair like that.”

Do I like it? Yes, but I’m currently still having the “I have no hair” anxiety attack. I can’t help it, but I’ll get over it. However, this is totally going to make me straighten my hair and try to spike it…I mean COME ON, I gotta try it at least once!


One thought on “WildChild Chopped Her Hair Off.

  1. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    I think this style looks cute on you. This type of style, faux hawks, are really in. I alawys love a faux hawk if I can find a way to do it with my hair. I sorta did it a while back with my natural curls. It was funky. haha Quite frizzy at the same time. Like a little punk that I am. I hope you did get your chance to straight it and spike. See for me I love funky hair. Originality to the core. Some people are not very accepting to certain looks even among our people. I remember other African-Americans will walk past me and just literally stare at my hair. Make a comment like “What kind of style is that, is it dreads?” to another person. You can clearly tell it was wavy/curls. It’s when I did the braid out a lot. I felt offended! Then I thought oh well too bad some people cannot be open minded. Then I had people where I work to ask one of the supervisor, “What is up with her hair?”

    Just feel proud and it will get easier and easier as time quickly picks up and run away. Trust me. Yet you will maybe have your moments of doubt or frustration. It’s natural to feel this.

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