WildChild’s Product Junkie Journey

GoofI’ve been experimenting with a ton of products (my wallet is beginning to protest), and have definitely been able to find some key things to place in my arsenal. With all the products I’ve been trying, I haven’t actually run out of anything (well actually, I just ran out of my Kinky Curly Knot Today, like, yesterday), so instead of ranking them by bests and worsts, I’m ranking them by whether I’ll buy them again. Also, this Saturday I’m going to Oyin to obtain their Whipped Pudding.

So…will WildChild buy?

“Hell Yes” Products

1. Kinky Curly Curling Custard: Obvi! The HG of the hair care routine!

2. Coconut Oil: A great conditioner on my hair, especially when wet. I just added some coconut oil and the last bit of my Knot Today to water in a spray bottle for refreshing.

3. DevaCurl AnGell: I know you guys are probably thinking, really?! This over Arc AnGell? I dunno, I just think that it’s better to combo a lighter gel with the all powerful KCCC.

4. Suave Naturals Coconut: Uhh, come on. Ish is like, $2.

5. Kinky Curly Knot Today

6. DevaCurl Set It Free: One word. Skittles. Oh, yea, and the whole frizz control thing.

“Mmmmm, Maybe in a Pinch” Products

1. DevaCurl Arc AnGell: Just like how I got the AnGell, I’d get this gel if the other is sold out.

2. Shea Butter: I don’t know how much my hair likes shea. I mean like, I think it’s a great sealant, but just putting it on wet hair makes my hair “ashy” and doesn’t define or anything. I guess as an overnight DT it’s cool though.

3. Cholesterol Shea Mango: Only because if I DT I guess I might as well do a Cherry Lola treatment.

Fail Products

1. DevaCurl B’Leave In: I had this stuff for all of…half a day. NEXT.

2. DevaCurl Mister Right: Just not worth it.

3. Herbal Essences Totally Twisted: I’ve heard really good stuff about this stuff, but my hair just didn’t like it. It made my curls really stringy and my hair feels sorta dry after I rinse it. There’s better stuff out there.

4. Any Biosilk type or heat protectants, if I can help it: The cones and I don’t put heat in my head anyway!

5. KeraCare Oil: Cheapest oils you can get, non-absorbent, and the bottle still costs frickin’ $14. Whatever. A stylist actually recommended this oil to me at Bubbles. However, she was one of those stylists addicted to relaxers…

6. Misting Sprays: Fekkai–Like for real? These dry my hair out so much.

So…what products are you looking for?

UPDATE: Basically, I’ve overhauled all of the products listed here. I like them still, but as I continue my WildChild journey, I keep finding better products. Read the newer posts on Darcy’s Botanicals and AfroVeda.