Scissor Happy in LA and Some Hipster Swag

Alrighty, the WildChild is back. After driving across the country, a panic attack on a mountain and discovering that no one really does walk in LA, I’m here. Now that the traumatizing shape up has grown out, I seriously just don’t care about cutting my hair. Seriously, it’s hair. It grows back. While traveling, I realized that my bangs were getting a bit out of control. Like, they were all kinds of in my eyes and the poof on top growing down into bangs sort of looked like a messed up L…I didn’t enjoy that. So what did I do? Gave them a good old snip-a-roo and kept it moving. Oh hey, look, hi eyebrows, hadn’t seen you in awhile.


Don’t mind the face. Just being a loser. Also, check out the new closet in the background. I need A LOT more hangers though. I mean like, A LOT. That’s not even one bag of clothes hung up and I have about five more space saver bags full of shit. SMH. Haha, come to think of it…that face is pretty obnoxious. Sorry about that. I’m still contemplating keeping this weirdo mohawk thing I have going on, or just cutting it all off. Right now my current hair cocktail is the Oyin Shine and Define + Curling Custard on top (maybe some AnGell mixed in), topped off with the Set it Free. For the sides and back, I just rub in some Burnt Sugar Pomade. Interestingly enough, it gives pretty good definition and fights frizz, not that there is really a huge issue with frizz in LA? Here’s a more regular pic. Gosh, sometimes I really wonder about myself and those faces…

013Anyway, maybe I’ll go remove some more shoe boxes from my car. Keep it sexy, kids.