Review: Oyin Shine and Define

Right before I moved from DC, I was sure to make a trip to the Oyin store in Baltimore to pick up some products (yes, this is the same day my head was raped). Namely, Shine and Define, Juices and Berries, and the Burnt Sugar Pomade. I just ran out of the Shine and Define the other day (the 4oz size); it was the main styler I used while I was on the road. Overall, I liked it okay, but at $11 for 4oz, I wanted it to be better. When I used it, I combined it with DevaCurl AnGell and used Juices and Berries as my leave in. The Shine and Define didn’t seem to be very penetrating to my hair, and it the consistency is kind of creamy, but wet. It smells like fruit roll ups…However, when I used it alone, the curls weren’t as bouncy as they could have been, and they were a little frizzy. It’s also not a good second day styler–it’s not wet enough. Have you ever tried to use pomade to style/scrunch relaxed hair? You get a non-defined ball of frizz–that’s sort of what happened with the Shine and Define.

Pros: non-sticky/non-drying/smells yummy

Cons: no frizz control/no second day styling/mediocre definition and hold

Please keep in mind that I used the Shine and Define only on my relaxed hair, so one might get better results with natural hair. So all in all, although I didn’t really like it for my mohawk pouf, I can’t totally hate on it–I just think it’s for curlier hair. I went back to the site for further info, and the description is as follows:

Tired of styling products that provide hold but strip moisture with drying alcohols? That promise shine but deliver crispety, crunchety, bulletproof hair? That control frizz but rob you of softness? Oyin Shine & Define is a new philosophy in styling products. Formulated from vegetable sources renowned for their moisturizing & shine-increasing properties, Shine & Define Styling Serum imparts softness, light hold, great shine, and gentle definition.

Designed to be nourishing, light & non-greasy, this soft creamy serum contains herbal infusions, pure Aloe Vera, flax seed extract, nutritive sea vegetables, shea butter, and more. It’s like a smoothie for your hair! Smooth onto damp edges & set with a scarf for a sleek hairline; massage into wet or damp hair and squeeze dry for softness, frizz reduction, and definition of your hair’s beautiful texture. Work with your hair, not against it, with this lightly fruit-scented styling aid. 

So I mean…it pretty much did all that except for the frizz reduction. I may contemplate buying it again once I cut my pouf off and just have a ‘fro. However, I really do like the Burnt Sugar Pomade on my natural hair…so I might just stay with that. And it smells like caramel!