Beware of Tangles!

So check this out guys…I’ve been trying to not co wash my hair as much, because walking around with soaking wet hair for five hours is not sexy, especially when it’s only on the  top of your head and looks like either a wet mop or one of those Harry desk accessories. Last time I washed my hair was on Monday, it’s Friday now. Okay now, 80% of this is my fault. I can’t keep my hands out of my head. I’m not sure why, it’s not particularly amazing or anything. I think I just get coffee highs and sit in my apartment alone working all day so I need to do something with my hands. Therefore, I’m always twirling, pulling, etc, all over my head. Even the short part. I fluff it out, eff up the definition, then I have to go fix it again before I go out. Hm. Anyway, I co washed this afternoon with my Suave (I also need a deep treatment STAT) and this ended up on my shower wall: Shower HairLike, ew! Sidenote–my ex used to absolutely hate it when I’d wash my hair and leave strays on the shower wall–so boo yah, take that! Sike, I totally threw that away after I got out of the shower….ickeroo. Yea, like, wth is going on? I haven’t had that much hair come out since I was relaxing. Usually it’s like, 5 strands, tops. Y’all, that is a BALL of hair. Unsexiness to the max. Also, my hair was way too difficult to comb with my conditioner in the shower. Ack. Let this be a warning to all of you, especially in winter when you should be washing less. Keep your damn hands out of your head…I also should have done some kind of pretreatment before getting in the shower. Shake my head, at myself. Now excuse me, I need to go take a hair vitamin and think of a deep treatment to do tomorrow. Giving myself the side eye.



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