Oh Snap, That’s So Denise Huxtable.

So today, I really wanted my hair off of my forehead. I’m really not a fan of all that wet hair chillin’ on my skin for hours. Ick. To solve this problem, I sort of flipped my hair to the side. I thought it looked pretty wack, but what the hell, I was just going to the library. And then I felt like I had seen hair sorta like this before. Where, you ask? Oh yea…on Denise Huxtable! Here she is :

Okay, so here’s me.

Obsessed with cross process photosWeird, right? Anyway, I’m totally trying to make my way towards the big chop, but I can’t seem to part with this mop on my hair. It’s like a fluffy pillow. And who doesn’t like pillows?! On another note, my scalp is itchy…I hope that’s the “my hair is growing” itch…I just washed it yesterday! Sheesh.


  1. I love your hair. We have different hair types but I am considering styling mines like yours. I am 4 months into transitioning, dont have much new growth but seriously contemplating the BC :(….these difference in textures are too much to handle. Your curls are pretty elongated. Are they naturally that way? if not what did you use? are you mixed?

    1. Honestly, if I were you I would just BC. I wish I had BC’ed when I cut my hair into my mohawk because I’d have much more growth now. The hair on the top with that style is still my relaxed hair – it was only natural on the back and sides. No, I’m not mixed. Hope that helps!

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