A Love Letter: Herb N Life Coconut Hemp

My Dearest Coconut Hemp,

I know we have only known each other for a short time, but I feel as if I cannot hold these feelings back any longer. The fondness that I have for you continues to grow each day, with every whiff of your scent, every time we touch, when you caress my head. When I smell you, I become dizzy with pleasure and my knees buckle. When you touch me, I tingle and experience a shiver of lust. You feel so good on my hands and all my senses are awakened by your refreshing disposition. I melt where you touch me, and it only gets better as the day goes on.

Okay, so…am I done creeping you guys out? Sorry about that, but I’m truly in love. With a boy? Yea no…with a pomade. The other day I was randomly at Erewhon, the natural foods store around the corner, possibly looking to invest in a new conditioner or hair treatment. And there it was, Herb N Life Coconut Hemp Treatment. The jar was a little uh, hippyish looking to me, but they had a tester, so I picked it up anyway and dab a bit on my hand. Holy mother and sweet jesus–is this pure butter in this jar? But why does it smell like Thin Mints? Why am I instantly awakened by the scent and walking on sunshine? It must be mine. But wait, $14 for 4oz…oh come on man! My Oyin Burnt Sugar is only $18 for 8oz and we’re in a recession! I had to leave it for the time being and do some additional research (you guys know I have to research EVERYTHING, come on I’m in PR!). So, I went home and found the Herb N Life site to read the claims for what it does, posted a forum on Naturally Curly, and checked out what the blogosphere was saying about this little jar of fun.

Seriously, everyone who had tried it said it was great, and the site made some pretty great points–great for promoting hair growth and softening your hair. OBVIOUSLY, they know what natural chicks are looking for. But it wasn’t even what I read about it, I couldn’t get the SMELL out of my head. THE SMELL. I wanted to sit there with the jar under my nose for hours. I mean, I’ve put things in my hair that smell great (and some, not so much…*cough cough* mayo), but this stuff…was tugging at my heart strings. Therefore, I rationalized–“Okay Elle, well, you’re not drinking right now, so that’s going to save you, what? At least $60 a week? Oh, well then, what’s $14? Go get that shit…get it, get it, get it…” My inner product junkie won–I bought it the next day and instantly smelled it when I got home. Oh, yes…and I guess I also used it, haha. I really really like it because it’s a light pomade, and usually they are heavier and can make my hair sort of stiff when they dry on my wet hair. This makes my hair much fluffier, but I still get great definition. Check the breakdown:

Pros: RIDICULOUS SMELL/Great definition/No buildup/Cute tingle on my scalp/Makes my hair super soft and fluffy (in the good way)/A little goes a long way/All natural

Cons: So light that you have to re-apply for 2nd day hair…um…that’s all I can think of? I feel like I’m cheating on Burnt Sugar?

The ingredients are: Shea butter, hemp oil , avocado butter, Castor oil , olive oil , coconut oil , neem powder, rosemary, shikakai, amla, vegetable glycerin, cocoa butter, essential oils of rosemary,sage , peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree, vitamin e, gse and love.

Love is right, and it’s all for me! I’m getting this stuff forevAr!!!