*Warning* You Are About to Witness a WildChild Rant

It’s Sunday, so you guys know what that means–football and hair research day! I was reading the Essence article about men and hair, and came across this mess. At #9, this dude had this to say about natural hair:

“I mostly like relaxed hair. I’m not into the whole nappy thing. I think it’s a cool look but I just like the clean look of relaxed hair. It’s a preference.”

Wait. The “whole nappy thing??” What do you think you have going on on your head, man? You think because it’s short people can’t tell your hair is “nappy?” And don’t even get me started on this “clean look” mess. While yes, I will admit that some women do not know how to care for their natural hair, there are also a ton of women who do not know how to care for their relaxed hair and it ends up looking like basura caliente. It depends on the person and their hair care routine, NOT the texture of their hair. And the fact that he called it a “cool look…” GTFOH. Natural hair is not a fad or look, it’s wearing the hair you were born with. I won’t even match his ignorance by getting on him for his name being Debole or the fact that he looks cornier than Fonsworth Bentley and lives in Virginia.

SMH…fall back, dude. Fall back.

P.S. This Dallas-Washington game is also some hot garbage.

7 thoughts on “*Warning* You Are About to Witness a WildChild Rant

  1. Doveladyhaha says:

    Well he isn’t! Lol, if he can say the whole “nappy thing is cool but..”, then I can say the whole “lack of depth is definitely showing on your face thing is cool, but…”

  2. HB says:

    I thought he lived in VA? What a loser. Yea, that would be hilarious if I met him because I would have belittled him to the extreme.

  3. salty says:

    soooo….. I met that guy last week lol! I saw that same article on my friend’s facebook page and I def called him out (im gonna find what i wrote so i can send it to you). then i went to a happy hour that my cousin hosted and i saw him there! lol.

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