What Should the Product Junkie in Me Indulge in Next?!

As I am forever on the ultimate search to find THE arsenal for my hair for all seasons and styles, I frequently am buying and trying new products. Yes, I have found some keepers (okay, like five), but there is only one that I am keeping forever and forever (yes, it’s my love, Coconut Hemp). So, if something better comes along, like a boring boyfriend, my other products might get replaced. And yes, that even applies to KCCC. I mean, it’s a GREAT product, but scrunching out the crunch is not convenient in social settings. Why not try to find a product that doesn’t crunch in the first place? Right. Anyways, I was hitting up some research today, and came across some products I want to try:

– Komaza Care Coconut Pudding

– Afroveda Pur Whipped Hair Gelly

– Afroveda Curly Custard (not to be confused with KCCC)

– Ohm Sweet Hair Pudding

– Curls Souffle

– Afro Detangler

If you couldn’t tell, as I’m trimming off more of my relaxed hair, I’m switching from gels to puddings/creams. I think my natural hair likes those better. For instance, KCCC makes my natural hair sort of  stiff and I like the soft fluffiness of my hair. Anyway, has anyone tried this stuff? Now, I am already giving the side eye to Curls a little, because I tried their Goddess Glaze and it was lamesville, but I would be willing to give them a second chance with a curl cream (the ingredients are good). The Komaza line is getting rave reviews, as well as Afroveda. And check it, the Afroveda is like, $15 for 16oz (and what the bloods they have salon size at 32oz for $24!!! WHAT!)! Yea, okay, I know when we were little kids that was hella expensive for some hair product (Luster’s Pink Moisturizer and Cream of Nature anyone?!?!), but compare that to $15 for 4oz and $25 for 16oz. Yep, you get the point. I like products that give a lot of moisture and curl definition, but I don’t really need a lot of hold (hence, my natural hair’s lackluster love of KCCC) because my curl pattern is obviously not loose.

So what’ll it be? The Ohm is rumored to smell like strawberry frosting. Yummmm….can’t someone just get me all of them for Christmas!!! Little help?


One thought on “What Should the Product Junkie in Me Indulge in Next?!

  1. jo says:

    im a product junkie myself and i recently found a product i love…i was doing microbraids and i used this smooth and hold hair pudding…i used it the other day to see if would work when i just wash and wear my hair…it is fabulous!

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