Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Condish: A Minty Treat

For the past few years, I’ve really taken my proximity to Trader Joe’s for granted. I mean, they just have food…and that doesn’t interest me that much. I don’t get excited over grocery stores (okay, maybe Wegman’s!), because there’s always one SOMEWHERE and you can get some food. Humbly, I’m retracting that sentiment, because last week I finally decided to grab one of their conditioners. Admittedly, I wasn’t expecting much; I’ve always been a “if it costs more it must be better type of person.” Yea, dumb for the most part, but usually true when it comes to hair products for me, with a few exceptions. My hair hates like, every drugstore condish evAr, especially Herbal Essences and the regular Pantene ones. I’m not sure, they just aren’t thick enough to penetrate my hair. They are always okay, but they just, did enough for my hair to not completely suck, and sometimes they left weird films on my strands. I really love the Bedhead Oatmeal conditioner so I was playing with their products for a little, and then I was all over the Redken Smooth Down Butter Treatment, which is yummy. Pardon the ramble though. Back to my TJ’s.

This really must be my month for finding HG products. First the Coconut Hemp and now this. Let’s keep ’em coming. After all my experiences with conditioner, I was extremely delighted with the TJTTT. It’s very thick, and you get great slippage, way better than the Suave Coconut. And it smells LOVELY–like a peppermint patty. I’m telling you guys, I was rubbing this stuff in my hair like the old Herbal Essences commercials; oh yea, it was that good. I even cowashed twice just because I wanted to massage my head some more. Then, when I was washing it out, I could swear it wasn’t coming out, but no…it was just that my hair was that soft afterwards. Everyone loves that feeling, and I, my friends, am no different. So basically, I love this stuff. HEART IT. I also used it as a leave-in under my KCCC and got fluffy, great hair with minimal frizz. And let me tell you, a conditioner will frizz me up and make my hair stringy in a SECOND, ie, HE Totally Twisted, yuckeroo. Here’s a pic of what my hair is doing right now with it in. Still wet, and please excuse the ashen look of my hair–that’s wet pomade for ya.

And here’s the front after some dry time, obviously with KCCC and AnGell…some Set It Free too. But check out the definition and lack o’ frizz!

Anyways, here’s the breakdown:

Pros: Smells yummy/great slippage/great for detangling/super soft hair/peppermint oil is supposed to stimulate hair growth/very economical (not as good as Suave, but like, $4 for 16oz)

Cons: Don’t use this if you’re allergic to peppermint oil–I think it’s like, the second ingredient. Also, when I rubbed my eyes in the shower, I got conditioner in them, and that really stung. My fault though! That’s really all I can think of…I wish TJ’s sold this stuff in HUGE bottles. Oh, and peep this. If you don’t live near TJ’s, the stuff is on Amazon for $9. How lame.

I know my girls on both coasts live near many a Trader Joe’s, so you guys really have no excuse not to pick this up. Unless you live in Durham, and in that case, I feel sorry for you to begin with. WildChild out!


2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Condish: A Minty Treat

  1. Ashley says:

    I ordered the Oyin Burnt Sugar stuff yesterday so I’ll def let ya know how I like it. I took living near 4 or 5 trader joe’s in Atlanta for granted now that I’m going to law school in the boondocks 😦

    • HB says:

      That’s the pomade I used that made my hair ashy, haha! I love it though, when it dries the ash goes away. It gives good curl definition.

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