New Holy Grails!!! Darcy’s Botanicals, I Heart You!

Aight, so we proceed with the huge product haul I acquired over Thanksgiving. Yes, hair products are now taking over my bathroom, and I am oh so happy about it! I finally received my Darcy’s Botanicals order, which consisted of the Natural Coils Curling Jelly, and samples of the Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme and Avocado & Honey Twisting Creme. Haven’t really utilized the Avo & Honey Creme, but I will say that the Jelly and Vanilla Creme are AWESOME!! I love love love them both. Let’s start with the creme, because I used that first.

The main problem I have with using creams and pomades on my wet hair is they take a little time to absorb, so for a little it looks like my hair is ashy. It’s not the coolest. However, I used the DB creme after a leave in conditioner, dropped something on my floor, picked it up, looked in the mirror, and BAM there was no ash! So, already I was in love. Did I mention it smells like ice creme? I sort of wanted to eat it…Also, my coils were super defined and not frizzy. Yummy! I will definitely be ordering this in the full size.

On to the Jelly. The whole issue I have with gel is that my natural sides and back are already pretty defined, and sometimes gel can make them a little hard. But I don’t really need a lot of hold because my hair is short. This stuff is peeeeeeeerfect! It’s very light, so it makes my hair soft, easy to distribute, all that fun jazz. Get it, boo! I did use a little bit of KCCC on top for my relaxed hair because that hair needs a little more help curling, but I would definitely use this instead of KCCC after I chop off the hawk. My hair was definitely less crunchy, super soft, and didn’t take nearly as long to dry. When I order the cream, I’m def getting another one of these as well. Now, for the breakdown:

Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme: Pros – Smells GREAT/absorbs super quick/shine/curl definition/claims to promote hair growth; Cons – Ummmm why can’t I get this on the ground!? I need it all the time!

Natural Coils Curling Jelly: Pros – Gives definition without making my hair hard/easy to scrunch out/decreased drying time/easy to distribute/gives shine; Cons – Too light for relaxed hair curls/unavailable on the ground

The Jelly is currently sold out on the website, so needless to say, I am highly upset! I want it NOW! Anyway, these are holy grail products fa shizzle. I’m really glad I didn’t order my Oyin pomade because yea…this stuff is definitely better (and a little cheaper!) Yay for awesome hair stuff. Oh wait! It’s in stock on Etsy! Oh, the thrills of product junkieism. Wee!

4 thoughts on “New Holy Grails!!! Darcy’s Botanicals, I Heart You!

  1. HB says:

    These products definitely excite me. I wonder what else would be good on my hair… And thanks, BsB!! No more shaved heads for me! :o)

  2. ~Back to Curly~ says:

    LOVE everything from Darcy’s. I twisted my hair last week with the creme and it’s held up well past my 7 day mark;-)

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