Home Treatments: Avocado, Olive Oil and Egg

Yesterday I read Thank God I’m Natural, which is a great guide book for transitioning and caring for natural hair. However, since all I do is read about hair, I knew most of the info, but it’s good to have as a quick reference, rather than looking stuff up online all the time. Anyway, the thing I liked best were the home recipes for hair treatments, so I decided to put a spin on one of the treatments — I added  a fourth of an avocado to my egg/olive oil mix (1 egg, probably about a fourth of a cup of olive oil). It looked yummy and I slathered it in. At first glance, I was like ummm I really wish that there was some way to make this into a leave in, because my curls and coils were awesomely defined. However, I was too lazy to wash this out (man come on, it was like 1am), so I just slept with a plastic cap on. I’m going to say this was the mistake. I wouldn’t say my hair is protein sensitive per se, but I don’t think it really likes it…sleeping for 8 hours with egg in my hair might have been too much. When I washed it out and co washed, my hair wasn’t hard or anything, but it wasn’t great either. And it seemed fuzzy after I tshirt dried. Usually my hair holds onto water like the dickens, and this time it seemed to dry out quicker and was a bit dull. Of course, with my product arsenal, I was able to solve this problem for the most part. Still, I won’t be sleeping with egg in my hair again. Just sayin.