Random Product Combos Can Make Great Hair

Real quick post. I know we are all under the perception that it’s better to layer products from the same company – I mean, obviously companies market them this way so we have to buy the entire “collection” rather than one product – and that’s fine, many of them do work AWESOME together, but let’s not discount random ass combos. Today, I wasn’t doing anything particularly special, so I didn’t really want to use my HG arsenal, which means I was giving my AfroVeda Cocolatte Moisture Mask and PUR Whipped Gelly a rest today. I mean, I did only get them in the 8oz size! I’m still playing with the Curl Define, and damn, it smells good, so I used that, but I gave the other AVs a rest. My totally random product cocktail was as follows:

Leave-in: Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Condish

Moisturizer:  AfroVeda Curl Define

Stylers: Komaza Coconut Hair Pudding and a bit of KCCC

Extra Moisture: Darcy’s Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme (this was okay to use, I’m still on the sample!!)


Not bad, eh? It’s very shiny and soft. Can’t be mad!!

Merry Christmas from WildChild!


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