The Big Chop

Well guys, I did it. Finally, after “transitioning” for eight months and gradually cutting out my relaxed hair, I chopped it all off. Honestly, I was just tired of my mohawk looking raggedy before it dried and I want to start letting my hair grow out already. Funny thing is…I really thought I could cut my hair myself. WOMP! On Saturday, I went to Sally BS (that’s Beauty Supply for the non-savvy folks) to get some trimming scissors and was like “BAM! Aight let’s do this before I chicken out!” Well, I didn’t chicken out, but my hair was looking a mess. The problem wasn’t that I couldn’t figure out where the relaxed hair began, it was that my hair was significantly longer on top than that sides a la the Hawk. And well…when I cut it, it sorta came out like the Bride of Frankenstein meets Soul Sista. Just sayin. Here’s what it looked like.

Okay…to me, that really wasn’t the business (ps, peep my satin pillowcase in the background), so I called my stylist and was like, “Oh hey…so…I tried to cut my own hair, and I need help ASAP because I’m not really trying to go out looking like this!” Thankfully, they are great at Rehab Salon in Hollywood (shout out!) so Tina told me that she’d call me back and see if someone could fix my hair, or she’d just do it. And she did call me back!! THANK YOU TINA! Anyway, I went to the salon a couple of hours later and she fixed my BoF ‘fro. There was another guy there who brought wine while he waited, so I even got to imbibe while getting my hair did! Heeey!

It’s all even now, so I just have to let it grow! For now I’m done with trying all these styles…because um duh, I have no hair, but the quest continues! I actually just went to the grocery store and bought more stuff for my hair than for my tummy. Greek yogurt…honey…the usual! Oh and I got aloe vera gel, I’m excited! Anywho, here is the finished product. I enjoy my TWA, but for reals…I want my hair back! So let’s get it poppin. ‘Til then…xoxo

3 thoughts on “The Big Chop

  1. indulgenceiskey says:

    Congrats on the Big Chop! Continue to love and learn about your curls, kinks, and coils. Take lots of pics because before you know it your hair is going to get bigger, bigger, and bigger. I love it!

  2. skeeta says:

    Yea! Congrats on your BC! Your hair is going to grow so quick. Enjoy every phase because short hair really is the bomb, and then it will grow out and you will be like “Dang I miss my short hair, it was fierce!” LOL

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