Stuff I Really Wanted to Like: Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In

While I was stranded in Hollywood the other day due to motor vehicle issues, I wandered into the Sephora at Hollywood and Highland. As always, I skipped over to the Carol’s Daughter section of the store to smell the products, which always reminds me why I don’t buy them, no matter how many celebrities endorse them. On this particular day, however, it just so happened I recently had a convo with my girl T (hey girl!) about the Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner – she loves it when she wears her relaxed hair curly for second day hair w/ KCCC – so I thought, “What the heck, I’ll try it.” Also, there was only one left, and my fellow PJs know that when a hair product is hard to keep in stock, it’s usually for a reason. I sprayed the tester on my hair and bought a bottle. Here’s the summary from the Carol’s Daughter website:

This great-smelling, everyday conditioner is made up of Lavender, Rosemary and Marigolds, and scented with Vanilla. Thank you for making it one of our top sellers – your loyalty inspires us to make new and better products!


  • Detangles and detoxifies damaged tresses
  • Naturally replenishes lost shine with conditioning nettles
  • Restores essential moisture and manageability

Yea…about that. I got home, and my hair felt really hard and was frizzy. Initially, I thought that maybe this was an icky reaction with my Burnt Sugar Pomade. Too many product? Maybe. So, I cowashed my hair again and styled as usual. In the morning, I used the leave-in instead of water the next morning to try to refresh my TWA. By the time my hair dried, it was SO HARD. Like, unbearably hard. I’m sad I’m going to have to return this to Sephora (I think I might exchange it for the Tui one though). It smells really really good, which to me, is rare for Carol’s Daughter stuff. Sad little WildChild. Let’s hope my Darcy’s Botanicals leave-ins work better. Until next time…


8 thoughts on “Stuff I Really Wanted to Like: Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In

  1. jaecamille says:

    Do you think your hair didn’t like it because of the proteins? My hair has hated every shampoo & conditioner I’ve ever tried from this line & that’s my only guess as to why it was a dry, hard mess. Although, I will admit it’s been YEARS since I’ve used them & they could have totally changed their ingredients since then (Not that I, was a label reader back then)…

    I have the same issue with the Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair line which seems to have more protein in it than anything else. Hate that stuff passionately!

  2. teachermrw says:

    This product made my combination relaxed/natural transitioning hair as hard as a rock. Needless to say, it did NOT detangle. My Dear Brother, on the other hand, has had great success with it. ::SIGH::

  3. Akiko says:

    I wanted to like the Hair Milk from Carol’s Daughter’s –to give me Maxwell’s old look :-/ NOT Strong smell, oily–I really wanted to like something from them but it’s not looking up at all

    • HB says:

      Ditto for this. The CD LI was supposed to be used as a “refresher” as my hair does not do well with non-creamy leave-ins for styling…but it was just terrible!

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