A Day Without Gel

UPDATE: I will no longer purchase AfroVeda products. In less than a year, their products have doubled in price, yet the ingredients have not changed and the customer service has not improved.. That’s ridiculous. I no longer support this company and their subpar business practices. There are better products out there. Keep it sexy, ladies. xoxo

Yea, I know, the other week I just wrote about how I love gel. And I do, this is true, but I’m a woman and need choices. What if gel becomes illegal one day? Then what will I do, HUH?! I think my Darcy’s leave-ins are coming today (FINALLY), but I didn’t really want to wait for them. Maybe I’ll do an update later. So I used TJTTT, Darcy’s Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme, and AfroVeda Curl Define. Keep in mind, these are all moisturizers/butters. The Curl Define is a styler, and has the consistency of Oyin’s Shine and Define, but it’s not a gel by ANY means. I did my usual routine sans gel (see previous entry) and here’s what I got:

I mean, not bad, right? Defined curls, minimal frizz. The hold is very soft, so I’m trying to not touch my hair. I also added a little pomade for extra sheen on top. However…this certainly makes my hair “bigger,” so to speak, I’m not sure if I want it so big. You can see that the curls look “fuller” and there’s less clumping together. For some reason, I feel like Cockroach from The Cobsy Show. I really don’t know why, lol, but I don’t think I want to look like him.