Curls Souffle: Part I

So the other day I went to Wilshire Beauty, where they have a lot of the products geared toward natural hair…like the Curls line. So, being that it was the same price as it is online, I picked up the Curl Souffle Curl Creme. Previously, one of the admins on the Curls forum suggested this product for my hair, and I’ve been wanted to try it out for some time. Not totally in love…xoxo

4 thoughts on “Curls Souffle: Part I

  1. Mahisha Dellinger says:


    I am the Founder of CURLS…thank you for trying CURLS!

    Since you have more frizz and need more control, you can use our Curls Gel-les’c alone. It sounds like the Curl Souffle is not enough for you…creams do provide more moisture and curl defintion, our gels provide more hold.

    FYI – We do sell sample kits, so you can try the other stylers, and we offer free samples with any order. We’d love to help you pefect your CURLS regime. 😉

    Question: Did you like the size of the Curl Souffle or where you saying it was too small?

    • HB says:

      Hi Mahisha! Ooh, I feel honored you watched my review! I was also looking at the Gel-les’c, but to be honest, I think that $25 is too much to spend on 8oz of product. However, haha, I didn’t know you guys offered free samples with orders! I wish I had known when I ordered the Goddess Glaze, but I got the Souffle from the store. I don’t really want to control my hair per se, I just need something to keep the spiderweb TWA thing at bay. When I get out of the shower, my curls are really defined, but the flyaways are so visible with short hair – I hope this gets better as my hair grows out.

      As for my comment regarding the size, the size you guys sell is totally fine, lol…I was just playing at the end because it actually looks much bigger! In my part II, I did say that I liked the Souffle mixed with the Goddess Glaze, but I’m trying to get away from gels because I like the frizz control, but a lot of the time it gives too much hold to my curls, which aren’t long enough to scrunch out yet.

  2. Akiko says:

    A souffle is made to eat lol I find that even products that are souffle’s for the skin are greasy and oily it’s almost like scented fluffy vaseline. Thanks for that honest review!

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