Glycerin-Free for a Week: Day One

These products are out for the week!

Alright, so I’ve decided that I’m not going to use any products with glycerin for a week (maybe more, depending on my results). Why, you ask? Well, because I live in SoCal, and it’s rather dry out in these parts. If you’ve done your ingredient homework, you’d know that glycerin draws moisture out of the air in humidity/high dew points. However, if there is little moisture in the air (low dew points), where do you think it gets the moisture from? Ding, ding, your hair! And I often go out with wet hair while realizing that MANY of my products contain glycerin (from my cowashes all the way to my butters, even my leave-in!). I honestly didn’t know it was that many…Furthermore, I realized that when I used more glycerin in my hair, it would feel great while drying, but each morning when I woke up, my hair was so dry! I also have a problem with frizz, so I wonder if the glycerin was drying out my hair and making it frizzier.

Many of my HGs (AfroVeda, Darcy’s, KCCC) also do not contain glycerin, so it got me thinking…I’m gonna see what happens if I shelve all of my glycerin containing products for at least a week. I started today, and went to the tried and true products:

– Cowash: HE Hello Hydration (this stuff has a cone, but I like it for a cowash – NOT  A LEAVE IN – )

– Leave in: Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle (love love love this stuff)

– Styler: KCCC (went to the sure thing to start)

– Moisture: AfroVeda Curl Define

So far (hair is still wet, applied prods about 5  hrs ago, I know right??!) my hair is very soft and has minimal frizz. I am loving this combo! I also went to the store and bought some Aubrey Organics B5 Gel…I HATE the smell, but I’ll see how it works tomorrow. Oh, and some Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Conditioner…I’m going to use it as my leave-in. It was on sale at the door and it has nettle in it. I’ll report back tomorrow!


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