Glycerin Free Week: Day Two

Okay, so this morning…my hair felt softer than it did with gylcerin products, but it was still EFFED up, mostly because I ruined my hair doing a scalp massage last night. I decided to use my TJ’s TTT for my cowash today, because I mean…if I’m not using glycerin, wth am I using cones? Anywho. The dealio:

– Cowash: TJ’s Tea Tree Tingle (you already know)

– Leave-in: Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Hydrating Condish: Okay…so. This conditioner had the crappiest slip. However, because I was using it as a leave-in, it didn’t really matter. I’d never use it in the shower though. No thanks. Felt moisturizing in my hair though.

– Styler: Aubrey Organics B5 Design Gel: I’m really trying to like this gel. For one, I HATE the smell. It’s one of those gross herbal-type smells that I can’t stand. Smells like guy. However, I really like the texture. It’s not as slimy as KCCC…it’s slicker. I dunno, I like it. I added a few squirts to my hair; it’s fairly easy to distribute. I’d actually love to see how this product works in my hair when it’s longer, because it seemed lighter, like it was helping the frizz, but at the same time not clumping my hair so much that I had coil head. Still might go check out the Mandarin Magic though, because they are supposed to be the business together. You know I can’t stay away from an experiment.

– Styler #2: AfroVeda Curl Define, for moisture and to further decrease frizz. I think it did a good job, and melted well into my hair with the B5.

The result? I likes. However, I kind of feel like my hair is trying to hang some in the back, and I’m like, “No, you’re not ready yet! What are you doing!” Lawd, my hair is trying to run away from me…smh. I shall report back tomorrow! xoxo