Glycerin Free Week: Day Four

Today I got kind of lazy. But yes, my hair is still soft! I did a DT with Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa + castor oil and I must say…I didn’t really like this combo. I think it was the conditioner though…it kind of made my hair feel filmy, which is weird, because it usually doesn’t do this. Oh well, now I know not to DT with it. No matter, my hair survived. Today the routine went like this:

– Cowash: TJ’s TTT – After the DT and the filmy feeling, I conditioned again and my hair felt a little better.

– Leave-in: Giovanni 50/50 mixed with castor oil – That’s right, your girl is getting fancy! I the oil over my leave-in to seal in moisture, because I wasn’t really trying to use hardcore stylers today.

– Styler: Aloe Vera Gel – No lie, straight up AVG. It did a pretty good job on my frizz. I approved. However, I don’t really like how this feels on my hair alone. It’s not moisturizing enough.

– Moisture: Komaza Care Coconut Curl Lotion – I’m iffy about this stuff, but it did the trick today! Gave me a little more frizz control and a healthy dose of moisture.

Anywho, I was happy with the results. Tomorrow I’m going to do an ACV/Green Tea rinse before cowashing.


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