What Exactly Are You Paying For?

So, if you have read the blog, you know that I buy a lot of hair products. And most of them are not the cheapest; so I was thinking to myself, what exactly am I paying for? Am I buying these products hoping they will transform my hair, or is it something else? I’ve seen a lot of naturals look for a product to give curl definition – KCCC, Miss Jessie’s, etc etc – especially with gels, and honestly, this confuses me. Personally, the only thing that differs from gel to gel is frizz control and perhaps the amount of clumping I get. It’s like, the heavier the gel, the more frizz control it has. The curl definition is never really different, regardless of whether I am using KCCC (the HG of many) or Aubrey Organics B5 (I’ve seen this gel used by people with looser curls more often).

The reason that I don’t mind spending more on products is because usually, the products that do not contain cones and other “bad” ingredients cost more, that’s just how it is (won’t lie, the ingreds are yummier). However, I really have a problem with the companies that use ridiculous “before pictures” (Hair Rules, Miss Jessie’s) to give customers the notion that their products will give them a curl, all while containing a ridiculous combination of ingredients that I can’t pronounce. Actually, I’d really like it if someone would let me know if they’ve been successful defining curls with a product like KCCC rather than a regular gel. Because I just don’t see it. So…what are you paying for?

10 thoughts on “What Exactly Are You Paying For?

  1. sisyhb01 says:

    I know this is an old post, but i’m just seeing it. I have never seen curl definition with any product like I saw with KCCC. I tried the ecostyler and it defined, but not like the KCCC and it made my hair super dry. My hair looks it’s best when it is soaking wet, straight out of the shower, that’s when you see my curls. Once it drys it turns into a birds nest of crunch. KCCC is the only product i’ve seen so far that keeps it looking like it’s wet, once it dries. I used to be a product junkie and I will admit that I was looking for that miracle product to deliver the “miss jessies” promise, because I saw my hairs potential when it was wet and really, really wanted to keep that look. After spending tons of money, (that I didn’t have), i resorted to twist outs with plain old shea butter to get the look I wanted, cuz I was sick of looking at adds with people who’s hair was NOT like mine and expecting the same results…long story short, I met a real person with hair like mine that was using the KCCC and I loved her hair. So i decided to dust off my product wallet and give it one last try, and I’m glad I did! Now your blog has helped me to be a little more explorative again, with your reviews and as a result one of my new favorites is the Shea moisture curl line! Thanks a bunch for that one!!

  2. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    For me personally it highly depends on the product. I feel with KCCC vs Olive EcoStyler that my hair does better with curl definition with KCCC. The Olive EcoStyler does define curl but it still appears rather bushy. Whereas KCCC gives it formation all the way around my head. I prefer KCCC because it appears more pure versus the ingredients in EcoStyler. I just hate stickiness of gels period. I wanted to try KCCC because it gets high reviews from some of the ladies on Youtube product reviews. Really my hair will curl and look very good with just simple shampoo and conditioner. I don’t add any styling gels. I just add some coconut oil on it. I’m good to go. So it is questionable if the quality of a product is worth the price. It as you say if you are looking for pure ingredients you will have to pay more for it. There is no way around this. Unless one is able to come up with their own hair concoction. That may be marketable and puts them in business.

    If it is pure natural ingredients like Burt & Bees make organic shampoos and conditioners that I feel would benefit the hair. I don’t mind paying a cheaper price but I do look for quality in both cheap and expensive hair brands. Sometimes depending on your hair you can get good quality for a cheaper version.

    I love natural products that smell good without all the unhealthy alcohol, parabens, sulfates, and all the other unjust ingredients. It’s why I am now a PJ for natural hair products. In the past I would buy just simple shamp/cond but now I look for things which provide vitamins and pure essential oils on the hair.

    KCCC is not cheap and to restock after you are done can be quite pricely. Perhaps a little goes a long way if possible. I feel if I add too much, the hair looks weighed down and not as curly. Then this week it seemed like it was getting too use to the product that it did not want to produce effectively. Perhaps a bad hair day. KCCC is best for wash n gos.

  3. cassadie says:

    the sad truth my story is that I lost my KCCC after purchasing it. Must have dropped it in my dance studio before class one day so I never got to try it! So salty I was that I snapped up a jar of EcoStyler and for $1.50 I’ve been pleased. I guess that the one thing you are paying for with KCCC is the quality of products…. Can’t say that the PJ inside of me (lets be real, I wear my PJ badge proudly on my sleeve) doesn’t want to go purchase another little jar of KCCC… Im gonna see what the other replies to this posting are to see if it really if the curl is worth the dollars.

    • HB says:

      It’s expensive, but I LOVE KCCC (still!). Not really for the “curls” I get from it (seriously, don’t see a diff!), but because it’s AWESOME for combatting the frizzies and it doesn’t dry my hair out…however, I get that with PUR Whipped Gelly too, so I’m sticking with that when my KCCC is gone.

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