Not Sure if Shampoo is for Me…

Yesterday, I was so excited to finally receive my Carrot Seed Shampoo Bar in the mail from AfroVeda. It took almost a month to get to me! And I NEVER use shampoo (unless my hair is SUPER dirty from hiking, b/c my hair gets soooo dry with shampoo); I only do ACV rinses. Anyway, I decided to wash my hair last night with it – I totally followed the directions, which weren’t rocket science, run poo bar into hair, lather, rinse…. First off, I didn’t like the smell of this at all, it was very herby, and you all know how I feel about herbal smells. However, the lather was VERY rich and I liked it a lot…I scrubbed my scalp with joy and rinsed. Okay, so I lathered twice because it felt so great. Is that bad? I didn’t think it’d really be a problem. My hair felt very clean (the squeaky clean hair feeling), but did not feel like straw as it usually does after I shampoo. How exciting! I cowashed as usual with TJ’s Nourish Spa and hopped out.

Now…this is where I became a little confus-ed (pronounced like in To Wong Foo)…after I got out of the shower, my hair was SO FUZZY. I had never seen it look like that! Usually, when I get out of the shower my curls are pretty defined and shiny…but this time, I could barely even see any definition. It was very very strange. Luckily, I wasn’t worried about it because I was in for the night, so I added some coconut oil and KBN Hair Butter and went to bed. This morning, I’m doing a deep conditioning treatment in hopes that my clumps come back. Curls, where are you? It’s me, Elle!

I guess the takeaway is I should only use this poo bar sparingly (once every two weeks?) and be sure to DC after use. I wonder if anyone else has had this issue…

2 thoughts on “Not Sure if Shampoo is for Me…

  1. smeadess says:

    They say that after using shampoo bars, you need to do a mild acv rinse afterwards. Soap is alkaline and natural hair is acidic. This causes the cuticles to raise up and look frizzy.

    • HB says:

      Thanks for the info! I will do this next time I use it. Right now I have condish in my hair w/ a plastic cap on and my curls seem to be reviving.

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