Revisiting the Cherry Lola Treatment

During summer, I tried the Cherry Lola Treatment, which is supposed to reduce frizz and define curls. I liked it a lot, even though it smelled like stir fry, but since BC’ing, I just hadn’t really thought of it. Also, I wasn’t sure about putting baking soda in my hair. Then, last week, I looked at my old post and decided to do it again. I’ve done the treatment about 3 times this past week, and I gotta say, damn! My hair loves this treatment, and really doesn’t have a problem with the protein in the yogurt or the baking soda.

I actually changed the formula a little bit – I used less baking soda and more amino acids. I also added a glob of my Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner to the mix. Oh, and the second time I did a DC after, but didn’t really see a difference in the results doing this. After treatment though, my hair seems much “clearer.” That’s the only word I can really use to describe it. It seems to smooth my hair cuticle and dramatically reduce my frizz/flyaways at the roots. My hair hasn’t gotten hard, but I am also sure to moisturize and condition like crazy. I read about some people experiencing their curl being loosened with this treatment, but I haven’t gotten any results like that really….if it has loosened my curl, it’s totally minimal and I really can’t see a difference. Anywho, just check out the pics.

On another random note…I think my hair is getting darker…Not sure what it is, I would say it’s my oil (it has henna and amla in it), but I’ve only been using it for a week? I dunno, weird…I’d like for summer to come now so I can get my natural highlights back!

5 thoughts on “Revisiting the Cherry Lola Treatment

  1. jaecamille says:

    Hi Elle – So, since your hair is low porosity, you don’t bother trying to seal your cuticle after a cherry lola treatment? I’ve read that some people do an ACV rinse afterwards, but I’m not sure if that’s really necessary with low porosity hair and I don’t remember seeing this mentioned anywhere on your v/blog.

  2. Christy (rosscd) says:

    I had forgotten about this treatment. I did it today and added Elucence and my hair turned out great. Thanks for reminding me to do this more often.

    • HB says:

      Yes, I love it! Next time I make a batch I think I’m going to completely take out the yogurt and just use conditioner like some others have done. My hair is already very strong and I don’t think I need more protein.

  3. cassadie says:

    good call on adding the condish to it! tried it last week and totally agree with you on the stir fry smell!! glad it made Izzy not frizzy! (was that her first nicknaming??? 🙂 )

    • HB says:

      LOL! Yes, that is her first nicknaming…I like it! How did you like the treatment? Some people said the baking soda made their hair dry, but with the condish added I think it was great! I bought more yogurt to make another mixture, but this time I got full fat yogurt instead of fat free.

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