9 thoughts on “Komaza Care Califia Styling Pudding: Noms it!

  1. Christy (rosscd) says:

    I got my sample on Friday and I love this stuff. This will replace Afroveda Pur Whipped Gelly under kccc. It smooths on sooo good.

  2. Christy (Rosscd) says:

    How does this pudding compare to other puddings/creams on the market. I am finding that I cannot find a butter/cream that works really well on my hair. My hair loves leave ins and stylers (gels) but creams make my hair frizzy. Anyway I would like to give this one a shot. I have tried Qhemets both creams, Darcy’s MVSC, Afroveda Cocolatte/Shea Amla; and none have worked. I am really looking for a styling butter that will work with my hair. I know everyone is different, but I know you are a fellow product junkie and you could help me :o)

    • HB says:

      Hey! I would place this in between a gel and a pudding…it’s not like the AfroVeda Butters or MVSC at ALL. It looks pretty much like pudding – I would almost call it a gel except I think it’s too moisturizing to be a gel, and the hold I got was very light. Usually if I use light gels they are almost like water on my hair and do not help with frizz at all. You don’t need a gel over top of it, and usually with butters I apply it either over or under a gel.

      I’m also looking for a creamy product that will reduce frizz without reducing the volume of my curly ‘fro; this product elongates a bit, but def reduces volume (I guess if my hair were longer it’d de-poof it). I like the full look of my ‘fro though, just wish I didn’t get the flyaways with it! I just ordered the Cupuacu Holding Butter from Mozeke, so I’ll see how that works to. HTH!

      • Christy (Rosscd) says:

        It would be great to get soft curls with no or just a little gel. Sealing has helped soften my gel look a lot, but I still would love to use a few simple steps. Thanks for the quick reply. I look forward to reading more posts from your blog.

  3. Ke says:

    Yes I have to wash my hair daily in order to maintain curls. If I do not, my hair lose curls and just appear lengthy and froish or shrinkish and froish. Depends on the products used and style. When I do the wash and go, it will shrink and appear sort of flat look in the back (even before my hair cut and now after). I hate that. So it was why I was trying to find an alternative to give it a fullness all the way around my head. Not partial in front and nothing in the back. Without washing again, it will just go limp and no curls. Just froish straight look. It’s how my hair looks right now with slight wave/curl pattern. My hair is very picky which why I said it has a mind of its own. One day it works for me the next it does not. Use same hair regimen. Different results still. Remember I’ve been natural for 10 years!!

    As the week progressed the curls began appearing different with washing daily/conditioned/deep conditioned (use of David Babaii’s Hydrating Shamp/Cond & Aussie 3 miracle Moist deeep Cond). Good tip about the cone ingredient will need a clarifier to get rid of them. I don’t have a clarifying shampoo & conditioner.

    I will have to check out Komazahaircare.com. Thank you for giving me the link.

    See I’ve had hair woes for awhile even with it being natural. My curls grow out and not down. Afroish. With length before haircut, my hair still had shrinkage. To lengthen I had to use a Concentrator and stretch them. It shall be interesting to see how your curls develop over time as your hair is growing out. How was your hair when you washed before you did the big chop or should say curl pattern?

    Hair Rules is not cheap either. I think I am going to stay truthful to only natural products and try not to buy stuff with cones and anes. Quite difficult because most products have them.

    No I have not been on NaturallyCurly.com. Thank you for sharing. I shall check it out. 🙂 I have been net surfing on natural hair and organic hair products.

  4. Ke says:

    Great video!! I do think that this Komaza Care Califia Style Pudding works well on your hair. It’s really curly and you can see the curls. It also as you said make your hair appear fuller. I do feel your hair is growing. Perhaps it is not much shrinkage. Sometimes do you feel the products already on your hair interact with previous used products? Do you switch up with something when you try a new product? For me I noticed that my hair will either get really curly or less curly. I could do my same routine. What I noticed last week when I went natural…I used the Organix Soft & Silky Vanilla Silk Shamp & Cond but washed it out with David Babaii Hydrating Shamp and Cond. My hair was SUPER SUPER Curly. Loved it. So I tried the Aussie 3 min miracle Moist Conditioner with only David Babaii products. The Aussie as the leave in. Still Super Curls. As time progressed in the week, less of a curl. Or really curly then end of the day less curl. Arghhh! That’s when I had it and pulled out the barely used Mixed Chicks 3 (shamp, deep cond, leave-in cond).

    So now after the two strand twist this morning, loose curls but afroish looking. The only sister besides me at where I do volunteering was like “It looks wild, but I love wild hair.” Then she is sitting there with her hair straight righhht. I was thinking that I do not see you ever wearing hair considered “wild.” Sorry on my day rant. haha Now I wonder how I should do the two strand twists at night after a wash. I do not want to go to bed with wet hair. I would have to do it early in the evening. So it will be more dry or semi-dry.

    Is Komaza Care sold in beauty stores in the US or only sold online? I remember to find Miss Jessie’s products. I had to drive in to LA. Like I bought it in 2008, the Curly Pudding, big jar. Still have it. :/ They had no baby bottle sizes. Then 2 years before this, a colleague who was doing her intern at the same clinic gave me a jar (same size) of the Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. Never heard of Miss Jessie at that time. I still don’t get right with this product.

    Btw your dog is cute. I find the Shih Tzu to be a favorite and pugs. For big dogs, I like the look of Huskies.

    You know I just thought that curls do better sometimes when one’s hair is shorter. I wonder how my curls would be if I had a shorter do. So it can lay down better or shape the curl. without much force. Just my theory. Have you ever tried the line-Hair Rules?

    • HB says:

      Were you washing/cowashing daily and then your curls changed, or was this just as the week progressed? I usually wet or cowash daily, but I would think that definition would decrease as the week goes on if you aren’t rewetting curls just because of the elements, frizz, sleeping on curls, etc…I do know that products with cones and some other chems need a clarifier to wash them out; that’s another reason why I try to stick to natural, water soluble products, so I can just wet and rinse!

      Komaza is sold online, but I believe you can pick prods up if you live in Sacramento. Their website is Komazahaircare.com. They have the BEST customer service and are very helpful if you email/call them asking about what products you should try. Both the Coconut and Califia Puddings are great! I also have the Coconut Curl Lotion, which is great for moisture/defining curls/decreasing frizz, but I have a few other moisturizers that I like better b/c of the consistency and smell.

      I’ve been thinking the same thing about my hair growing out and how the curls will look – I’m not sure if it’s going to grow out or down, or if weight will lengthen the curls or if they’ll tighten up. *Shrug* I’m sorta just letting my hair do what it wants. I haven’t tried Hair Rules (I hate their before and after pics, lol) – they also use cones, so I wasn’t interested!

      Have you been on NaturallyCurly.com? I like, live on their hair forums and talk about hair constantly….if I hadn’t discovered that site, I wouldn’t have gone natural. You should check it out!

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