4 thoughts on “The Coil Review, The Enigma of Natural Hair

  1. Ke says:

    I meant curly ends. I must learn to proofread because there is no edit option for comments. LOL

  2. Ke says:

    Sup Elle. It was wonderful reading your article. You were precise and helping those who are newbies on the natural. It is most crucial I felt when you are transitioning from relaxed to natural. Your hair go through so many changes. I remembered being frustrated with straight and early ends. How did you get hooked up with this online magazine? It is good exposure. 🙂 I hope everything is going well for your transitioning. For me I am doing fine with natural. It’s been two week of curls now. I stretched the front part of my bang this morning as I was using the KCCC. It has grown back to my chin again. Mind you my stylist shaped it up in January. I had it officially cut around December. Now I wished I never cut my hair of 10 years but a good hair cut is not bad. I have options. 🙂 Love your hair.

    • HB says:

      Thanks! I read that mag regularly and saw they were looking for writers, so I just emailed the editor and sent her a link to my blog. I do more product reviews here and save other content for the mag. My hair was relaxed on top for awhile, and that was just doing too much. The limp relaxed wet hair hanging in my face was not the business…

      • Ke says:

        Writing is power along with your own wisdom to share with the world. Applaud you for contacting the editor. Yes the relaxed hair can be quite complicated when you are going through the natural stages. Since my hair is cut in an angled bob, the longer hair that frames my face, it tend to not tightly curl like the rest of my hair. It’s so annoying because it will swing back and forth while everything is tightly curled on my head. I am like what is up with this? And I do not want to really blame it on the flat ironing for straight styles. When I was natural and never hardly used heat, my hair along the sides would do the same thing. Must be another type of texture right there mixed with 4a,4b. I want to try kimmaytube method of putting on a clear plastic shower cap to sleep in at night and take down in the morning. She still had curls. Under her review for the KCCC.

        *sigh* I doubt that for me. I will most likely have to get up and do a wash n go. I miss the plait out method. I should never had given myself a major haircut. One advantage is that it is at least shaped all around my head versus other way where curls be tight, others loose, and then ones just standing up on top of my head waving at the sky.

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