If I Were A Boy…

…Okay, so I’m not really a boy. And don’t want to be one. However, it’s a little hard to not feel “boyish” at times when you have three inches of hair. But fear not, WildChild and Isabella are not weary! I have been on a mission to find cute things to add to Izzy. While I was out shopping the other day, I came across the cutest thing at Forever21. A GIANT cream flower hair clip! I love this thing; my friends and I had an Oscar Party on Sunday, and I rocked it, old glam style. I need a hot pink version of this thing – stat!

Sooo…what hair accessories do you love?


7 thoughts on “If I Were A Boy…

  1. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    haha Yeah but you know those tiny bows are in fashionably style. I saw a lot of different styles of them at Claire Boutique. So a tiny cute little bow would not look bad on the side of your hair. I do think sometimes depend on the length of your hair that you want to go the size that can blend well with the length. Sometimes you just want to be vivacious and throw something wonderful on the hair.

    I was a huge Goody hair products for barrettes like crazy as a child. I had relatives who worked for Goody and would give my dad for me a sack full of bows and barrettes. Girl I was in heaven!! It’s probably where it started for me. Where are the peeps to still spoil me with that goodie bag? haha

    Is pink your favorite color? I like pink too but I am really into like purple these days. Just love the feeling with various shades of purple. It’s nice when people say oh that color looks good on you? I think I’ve been told like blue, yellow, pinks, and green are my colors for me. What about you? Feathers are so pretty to me. You can rock them classy elegant outfit and with a little edge to your style.

  2. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Girl I would not feel ashame or “boyish” with your hair length though I know it’s hard at times to conceptualize because we are taught our hair should appear certain way to represent our gender. There are women who rock the bald heads and look glamorous. I think your hair looks cute. Remember it will grow… I remember getting a short haircut Halle Berry style and another style my stylist did on me back in the day. Like I was in high school rocking a Halle Berry cut, her cut is short. It’s all how you feel and confidence looks beyond physical. Halle’s current haircut makes her look quite sexy yet it is really short.

    Pertaining to hair accessories, I LOVVVVE!! There is a store called Ella Bella that I just bought a flower headband for my hair. Not the size of your flower but big. I love the whole flower accessories, barrettes, haircombs (that you can by from vendors in the mall or some beauty supply stores which carries them), Ouchless headbands sold in like Target, hairpins/hair clips, scarves to tie back your hair (not tie all over but in the front of where your hair starts). I did this a lot when I was transitioning. They sold Goody scarves here in Cal back in the day that I rocked faithfully. Kimmaytube has her website called http://www.luvnaturals.com where she is selling some hair accessories which are cute. She showed a hair demonstration of two styles to rock with old skool banana clips. I think one hair has to be longer to use those banana clips. Even I don’t think I can pull off yet.

    • HB says:

      Oh no, I definitely do not feel ashamed at all with my short hair! I got over that mess like, 2 days after my big chop! I personally prefer longer hair just for the ease of putting it in a ponytail, and I miss brushing my hair out of my face – but def recognize that my hair will grow, so I’m cool. Thanks for the suggestions though, I’ll check ut Kimmaytube’s stuff! And I just Googled Ella Bella…is this the same site with toddler stuff?! Heehee…

      • lifejourneytobenatural says:

        I did not mean in my statement that you feel ashame about you being natural but only in the instance of you feeling boyish at times due to the short hair length. I do understand what you mean in regards to wearing a ponytail. It’s simple and quick. It’s why I loved wearing head scarves to pull back hair as well even with the natural curls. It’s nice to just pull back hair or just to switch up styles. Love the flower clip btw. Very fashionably hot. They are really in style. I tend to be such a trendster at time. LOL

        I have a dresser full of hair accessories that I need to use more often than not. http://www.etsy.com also sells either handmade or wholesale type of hair accessories like haircombs, hair pins, headbands. I go there to look for earrings and haircombs. I am glad that Kimmaytube is promoting herself and creating a business for naturals. There is a headband called Silk Poppy that I find really cute but it’s like $20. I went to Andrea’s Beau LLC website where Kimmaytube said that she was able to get her products to promote on her site. http://www.andreasbeau.com LOVELY headbands, clips, combs etc. Flowers are such an elegant, classy, and feminine touch to any girl or woman’s hair. 🙂 I am into the feathers for hair accessories as well.

        The Ella Bella is the name of a store in the Moreno Valley Mall that has very affordable hair accessories, earrings, necklaces, purses, etc. I don’t think that they have a website. I just tried to google too. I don’t know if this store is also located in other places in CA.

      • HB says:

        Ohhh okay, because the little kid clips were cute but I don’t think they would fit on my head :). And yea, Etsy is great! I saw some really pretty feather headbands on there. I really want a pink one.

  3. cassadie says:

    I totally feel where youre coming from on the feeling like a boy thing! soooo…. i counteract all of that with lots of massive earrings, head bands, and fierce eye make up (when appropriate) I ALSO picked up a flower clip for Lola this weekend…mine is about 1/8th the size of Izzys tho 🙂

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