Check Out These Products…Hmm…

So you all know I love natural products, and I am always down to support small companies as opposed to the man. However, look at these two containers:

So…that’s supposed to be the same product! They are both AfroVeda’s Curl Define. The one on the left I got in December, and the one on the right I got in February. The consistencies are also a bit different – the older formula is more like icing, while the newer one is creamier, more like a butter. More differences…

December Version: I think this one has more oil in it, because it sits on top of my hair more and makes Izzy a little frizzier than I would like. I can’t use it alone.

February Version: Wow, I mean…my hair was EATING this stuff UP. It absorbed super quick into my hair (which I consider low porosity for the most part) and had more slip. Today I used it with my Darcy’s leave-in, and sealed with Koils by Nature Butter. There was much less frizz. I’m definitely a fan of this version more.

That’s the only thing I don’t like about handmade products. Both of them have been stored in my fridge, and the older version was always that color (it hasn’t changed with age). The results can be a toss up. Now, I just wanna use the rest of the older version and starting getting it in with my newer one!

4 thoughts on “Check Out These Products…Hmm…

  1. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Thanks for your clarification, Elle. It is good that you still feel positive for both batches. There is definitely a con for both as you stated. I guess for me I like certain products to stand alone than to be used with something else. I don’t like to have a lot of product on my hair. I guess also this is my aim when I am looking for newer products to test on my hair. To find products that are able to be used alone or with one other product. I have always been used while transitioning to stay simple, my hair essentially has been trained this way…not on purpose. I was not as informative about transitioning relaxed hair to natural at the time. I remained simple for several years.

  2. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Interesting how the handmade hair companies will improve their product. Perhaps they were reading the reviews by their consumers or doing research and decided to change their product. I see that most companies in any genre are always working to improve and produce quality instead of quantity. I also noticed that the size of the containers are different. Did you buy a smaller size in December? Way you used icing made me hungry. I love icing. It sounds from your review that you felt it did not produce enough effect for your hair whereas as February Afroveda Curl Define did. Were you using the same other products with the December version and still got the same effect or only used the other products with February version?

    I was wondering if you had a different hair product regimen when you were using the December version. Good post. Some people do not take time to realize that the same product could have potential changes. Then you have to also wonder if hair because adjusted to certain ingredients that may have not been in the original version. Have the ingredients changed or been added? Sometimes I wonder if your hair needs time to absorb it re: December version. It is good that you are observing your products very closely.

    I feel personally with handmade that they will always be testing their products to see what ingredients are more effective than not. With commercial products, it will be sold the same regardless. One can discontinue to purchase if one does not like. With handmade they are in a small, self-own business who do more to benefit their customers than to see profit. At least no fights with chemical proned products.

    • HB says:

      I don’t think she meant to change it, or she would have change the formula on her site. They’re just different batches, and I guess they came out a little different. And yes, the Feb. batch is bigger than the Dec batch (one is 16oz and the other is 32oz). Now, I like the old batch, it’s a great moisturizer under a gel, but the new one I can use alone, so that’s cool! I still use the Dec batch now, so nothing is really different. It comes out the same way.

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