Random Hyper Post: I LOVE Scalp Massages!!

I feel like I need to share my love of scalp massages with y’all. THEY FEEL SO GOOD. I love sticking my hands in my ‘fro and massaging slow, then fast, then slow….hanging my head upside down while I massage, rolling my neck…. lol, okay, I’m getting a little carried away. But you get the main point! Scalp massages not only feel HEAVENLY, but they are also WONDERFUL for your hair. Why? Hair Boutique has an awesome list of the benefits:

  • It provides deep relaxation to the head and scalp which allows blood circulation to flow more easily to the hair roots.
  • Improved circulation, which results from scalp massage, provides hair roots with nourishment to help trigger hair growth.  Why? When the scalp or head it constricted or tight due to stress and tension, it blocks adequate blood flow to the hair roots.
  • When scalp massage is repeated on a regular basis, it will help to actually strengthen the roots of the hair which will help hair growth.
  • When a good moisturizing oil like jojoba is used as the base, it can help add moisture and conditioning to the scalp and the hair enhancing natural textures and making it move vibrant.
  • Moisturized hair is less likely to split and break, which is a wonderful benefit of the oils used for scalp massage.
  • Scalp massage adds natural luster and shine to the hair.
  • In some cases, scalp massage can relieve itchy scalps, prevent flaking and help with chronic dandruff.  Of course this is dependent on other factors but is a possible benefit.
  • Regular scalp massage can help protect hair from environmental toxins and other weather conditions by helping to strengthen the follicles.
  • It can help eliminate depression or other stressful or negative emotions.
  • Scalp massage can also help alleviate chronic insomnia and provide restful sleep.
  • In some cases, scalp massage can slow hair loss conditions.
  • It also helps to spread the natural scalp oils to the ends of the hair without the harmful effects of daily brushing.  Sebum, if produced in sufficient amounts, is typically distributed along the length of the hair shaft through normal combing and brushing but can be distributed through fingers at the time of the scalp massage.
  • The benefits of scalp massage also help provide a glow to the complexion of the face.
  • Scalp massage as well as body massage can also help to regulate the thyroid and can help to balance body temperatures.
  • It can help your eyes to relax, help to minimize chronic eye strain, and can be a general tonic for hypersensitivity or excessive nervousness.  In some cases it may help to soothe ADD behaviors.
  • Scalp massage, can also help awaken creativity centers in your brain for more enlightened idea processing or long term meditation.
  • It can be combined with deep breathing for even deeper results.
  • When the base scalp massage oils are blended with essential or aromatherapy oils, emotional, spiritual or mental blocks can also be relieved, with ongoing treatments.  Harmony can be restored.
  • In some cases, regular massage with appropriate essential oils can help to slow the onset of white or gray strands.
  • Regular scalp massage has proven to help in some cases of chronic headaches or migraines.

For a great scalp massage, try using tea tree, almond, castor, jojoba or coconut oil. Heck, you can even use olive oil! So there you have it darlings! Now get off the computer and start massaging! (I dunno, may be the ylang ylang in my new oil, but I feel so damn euphoric!!)


One thought on “Random Hyper Post: I LOVE Scalp Massages!!

  1. Aiden says:

    I just can’t get into them myself. I hear scalp massages release some feel-good chemical but I just feel irritated when I do them!

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