Review: Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle

Here’s my review of Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle. I liked the condish, but I didn’t love it. But this stuff is lovely! Pics below…they aren’t the best (I was in a hurry), but they’ll have to do for now. I’ll use it again lata this week. Blah.


I loved my curls here, but the Smoothing condish was so light and my hair was TOO wet, so I needed to cowash again and get something heavier.

5 thoughts on “Review: Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle

  1. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Btw I do a lot of raking the product through my hair method in my hair than scrunching. Time for me to update my hair blog shortly. I’m starting to forget what I did and used. So I better hop to it.

  2. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Great review and post up of photos. You’re hilarious like Jermaine Jackson and how you were sniffing the bottle to get a description of the smell. It is good to keep in mind what is being used in case I feel the need to taunt the PJ curl person inside me. I did hit up SheScentIt and ordered up the Banana Brulee DC and some hair butter with Sugar Cookie scent. Can’t wait to get. Hopefully it shows up this week.
    I can tell how your hair is really growing. The curls are looking lovely. I hope Izzy is quite pleased. I’m personally debating to get it trimmed back much on Saturday when a great part of me wants to allow some further growth. Argh always hair dilemma. LOL I love anything that smells tropical like PinaColada or Creamsicle. Gives a yummy smell. What are the ingredients? I did remember you say that there is a water soluble cone.
    Keep loving that hair.

    You know I was watching Oscar on Tyra Bank Show and don’t know if he is her hair stylist or not, but he was saying it is best to scrunch your hair with the product then let it air dry. I know they say less touching is better. Hmm…

    • HB says:

      LOL! When I reviewed the video, I almost redid it because I was like, “WHY am I sniffing like that?!” I’m a geek! Cool that you got the SheScentIt stuff…I almost got the leave in but didn’t b/c of the glycerin. I may get it in summer though. Although, the Curl Junkie Smoothing condish also has glycerin, and I do like it for cowashing (but not to continue to buy for $18 for 12oz!). I posted the ingreds to the Curls in a Bottle on my YouTube channel; they’re really good and Isabella doesn’t seem to mind the water soluble cone – although she HATES cones!

      And I agree that it’s good to scrunch products in, but my hair is too short for that right now! I used to always scrunch when soaking wet when I had my mohawk though.

      • lifejourneytobenatural says:

        I think it shows your sense of humor and free spirit by leaving things originally as they are. It surely gave me a chuckle. I love for people to let themselves go and enjoy what they are doing in the moment. That’s just me. Kudos for you to not change anything in the video. 🙂 If I did videos, I would probably look hilarious myself and see me doing my strange habits over something yummy like good hair care products. I sniff bottles a lot once I’ve found something that works and smells so dang delicious.
        And you’re not a geek. Yeah I hope the products will work really well in my natural hair. I have been doing a lot of cowashing lately with hardly any shampooing (hard to get around sulfates), and my self seems more softer and does better with two strand twists under this method with some shea butter. Yeah I try to stray away from products that are not reasonable price for the size being sold. It’s like jacking for money. Though I like Knot Today by KCCC, it can be quite pricey to go buy new bottle. It goes through fast. I hate cones as well but find them hard to get around as well especially in the Conditioners.
        I have never tried scrunching products in my hair I could do this sense my hair is long enough but I feel less is more. To just put on the product and let it be. I probably will try just to see any difference. Does your hair have to be a certain length to scrunch? I mean for you your hair seems long enough to grab hold of your hair and scrunch the product. It is all about sticking fingers in and scrunching right?

      • HB says:

        When I think of scrunching, I think of hanging my head upside down and scrunching up…I’m sure I could scrunch my hair now, but am fine raking the prods in.

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