The Chronicles of Izzy

Captain’s log, day three. It seems as if the enemy has been defeated, but we continue to aggressively pursue alternatives to ensure it does not strike again. LOL, sorry y’all…I just watched Star Trek. That was code for saying Izzy is no longer dry and icky, but I still plan on using a more moisturizing condish to fight the battle!

So here’s what happened – I was going to Tampa for work, and the only reason I was excited was because I got to bring my products with glycerin due to the highly humid weather in the area. I was…sorta right. Allow me to relay my routine:

Day One (Monday, still in LA): In anticipation of ending my day in FL, I used Elucuence as my leave-in, Licorice Root Scalp Elixir as my oil, Curls Souffle (moisture) and Curls Goddess Glaze as my styler. Hm. Izzy felt dry, and it only seemed to get worse as the day went on, even when I arrived in Atl, where it was CLEARLY humid, even inside the airport!! I thought perhaps it was just from being in LA or the stress of travel. Brnt, wrong!

Day Two (Tuesday, now in FL): I cowashed with this conditioner called Lather – it was what they gave me in the hotel. Being the obsessed person that I am, I looked up the ingredients. Ew, it had a cone, but it also had good ingreds like shea. It felt okay in the shower, but Izzy felt…off, even before I used the conditioner. She was more tangled than usual. Used the same combo as the day before, except I used Darcy’s Curling Jelly, and my hair still felt dry as soon as the Curls Souffle touched my head. Izzy was also incredibly frizzy and just looked bushy. It was not cute; she never looks like that! I was annoyed, but it wasn’t THAT bad, and I was in a meeting room for the entire day. But goodness, when I touched her, it was not CUTE! During my meeting I thought of things I could possibly find on the ground to help Izzy out. At lunch, I took the L and got a sammich from Target in order to buy some Tresemme Naturals Condish and a wide tooth comb (like I said, she was TANGLED). Also, I found a salon that carried Curl Junkie stuff, and just happened to wander into the salon of THE CURL WHISPERER!!! At the time, I was so tired and annoyed about Izzy that I didn’t even realize I was in the presence of greatness!!! Anyway, I didn’t buy anything (everything that I would have wanted that she sold I already had, lol), but she agreed that I should do a DC and skip the Curls Souffle.

Before my nap (I was exhausted!), I applied a f*ckton of the conditioner to my hair, detangled, and put a plastic cap on. As I rinsed, I declared, “Hurrah! Izzy is back!” To style, I went ahead and applied Elucence+oil+Curling Jelly and ZING! She was all about this combo. I got beautiful clumping, defined curls, basically no frizz (will post pics upon my return), and Izzy was extremely shakeable. You know how sometimes your gel has so much hold (like Ecostyler), that it’s hard to shake it out. Nope, didn’t have this problem at all!!! When she dried, Izzy was so soft I had major hand in fro syndrome.

I did the exact same combo the next day and it was lovely, but since I had learned that I spoke to the Curl Whisperer, I had to go back to her salon and buy something from her. I bought the Curl Junkie Rehab to use on my way home tomorrow for extra moisture under the Curling Jelly, since I know that the LA air does not like glycerin. I’ll be ready!!

p.s. The Curls Souffle (for me) is much better as a foot cream. It has been officially demoted!

4 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Izzy

  1. Jade says:


    Just wanted to give you a shout out for documenting your journey as well as the product reviews. I grew my hair out for a few years. Was rocking a gorgous blonde fro. It worked for me then on a whim, cut if all off a year ago. I’m in the process of growing it again. Today I literally start BELOW a TWA, I am almost bald. But…great start.

    Anywho, keep writing and informing. It’s good stuff.


    • HB says:

      Oh! You reminded me…the first day I didn’t use Elucence; I used the Spilled Milk from NuNu Love Handmades, and Izzy did not like it! So the first day I thought it was that, but the second day, it was alllll the Souffle. I don’t think it was glycerin itself b/c I have styled with gylcerin prods before, and the next day my hair felt drier, but it was nothing like this! Also, although LA is dry, each time I look up the dew points, they are pretty normal (on the low side of normal, but still normal!). It’s all so confusing!! :/

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