My Hall of Fro-ers

Random post totally…but I was just thinking how much I effin’ love the fro. So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite fro’ed men with you guys:

First up, we have Huey Freeman. More than a cartoon, Huey is militant, intelligent, and will go ninja on you! Hi-yah!! I often imagine that Huey and I would be BFFs, well, if he were an actual person…

Next up is Jamie Yager, the “Guy With the ‘Fro” from this season’s Ultimate Fighter. Ah yes, I love how he kicks people in the head. Team Yager!

And now, we have Maxwell, who is not currently sporting his ‘fro, but I really need for him to grow it back. Like, all kinds of now.

The legendary Michael Jackson with his ‘fro…shame how he turned out. RIP MJ!

An up and comer – Jaden Smith (not like that). Look how cute he is with his big ol’ curly ‘fro.

Last, but certainly not least – Jimi Hendrix! Y’all know dang well I couldn’t make a post about afros without giving Jimi some respect!

Well, that’s all I’ve got right now. Who are your fave fro-ers?


5 thoughts on “My Hall of Fro-ers

  1. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    I just remembered someone on Good Times. Thelma EVANS! We can’t forget about Thelma or Flo. Come on JJ, get out of there. You know I’m going on my date…nothing is going to fix that ugly face.

    Even Gary Coleman had his TWA going on Different Strokes. LOL

  2. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    You have some of my favorites. 😉 I love Huey!! The Boondocks is the best cartoon.

    Here are additions to your and my faves.

    1. Ice Cube. “We be clubbin…” We know Ice Cube rocked the Power Black Fro and Pride.

    2. Stevie Wonder. “I Never Dream You Leave in Summer…Isn’t she lovely, Isn’t she wonderful…You got it bad Girl…and I’ll blame it on the Sun.

    3. Terrence Howard in Pride. He was sporting more of a TWA. 😉 Love his eyes.

    4. Homey the Clown “Homey Don’t Play Dat…now get your a** over there and sing.”

    5. Al Green.

    7. Phenomenal Quest Love from the Roots. Love the Band and Rap Crew. I saw them LIVE. They are so good! If you have not, YOU MUST!!

    8. Lenny Kravitz. He looks hot in this photo!

      • lifejourneytobenatural says:

        hehehe I had to put Homey on the list. He should have been my #1. Man those skits are funny. I was trying to remember if anyone besides Flo on Good Times could make my Hall of Froers list. Lenny K is epic for that fro. But Maxwell is the dude. He look so so sexy with that Fro and cheekbones in Sumthin Sumthin video. Damyum.

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