The Sexiest Hair Video I’ve Seen…

Ummm…I saw this while I was doing my regular #naturalhair search on Twitter, and I must say, oooooh…damn, Lenny. Damn. Funny thing is, it’s pretty much the same way I do a wash and go, lol!


Just some Saturday eye candy. xoxo

4 thoughts on “The Sexiest Hair Video I’ve Seen…

  1. nikki says:

    that was soo hot…i think i watched it like 3 times fact i’m about to watch it again..i loved how relaxed and easy going it is..i think i’m gonna start doing that..

  2. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    He worked out good. It is good to see how he uses the beauty essentials of nature to lavish his curls. He is like me. I just leave stuff in my hair that I feel will condition it all day. It was funny the dude said you gonna washed that out. He just walks away and like no no… no rinsing but a plenty of shaking. I do shakeout as well after I saw a vid of someone just shaking out their natural curls. I wonder what is hair regimen with products are? ;0)

  3. Xhalted1 says:

    I’m going to have to remember what he just did. And YES this is one of the sexiest hair videos I’ve ever seen also. WOW!!!!! and Thank you for this.

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