Izzy Meets Snoop Dogg!

So last night I attended a gala for Lupus LA with my dad, who flew to town from DC for the event. And lo and behold, Snoop Dogg and his wife were there! I wasn’t going to be a fan and stalk him like everyone else, but my DAD met him. Come on, I had to one up my dad!! And I must say, Izzy looked quite good at the event – styled with Koils by Nature Herbal Peppermint Gel and Ohm Sweet Hair Pudding. Yummy!

If you’d like to donate to Lupus LA, check it out here. It’s a great organization and they are doing awesome things for people with lupus. Check you guys later!


4 thoughts on “Izzy Meets Snoop Dogg!

  1. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Very awesome! It is great to support causes and to also see well known celebrity out to support the cause as well. You looked like you were having the time of your life. Love the dress. 😉

  2. Gigi says:

    I saw this on Young Black and Fab today, and I said is that? Ummm no. But it is you. Girl youre famous! LOL

    Send me your autograph.

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