8 thoughts on “Ohm Sweet Hair Pudding

  1. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    Great review. I am still learning more and more about products. For me it takes a lot of experimenting and testing different products. Like seriously they should pay us even to sample products. hehe I love products that smell really good but also healthy for the hair. Does it take long for your hair to dry with this product applied to your hair? Where do you do most of your hair product research like what to try? I am always looking for something to moisturize. Do you have any regimen to do deep conditioning treatment?

    I noticed with like KCCC it takes forever for hair to dry at least in my case. I do have thicker hair.

    Your curls are looking quite nice and hair is getting longer. 🙂 We love when our curls are happy too. I think your glasses are cool. Where did you get them from? J Lo were a pair of glasses black framed and clear that I WANT in her Back Up Plan movie. I am a feen for glasses. Thanks for doing your reviews. It’s help me to see what to try or not try.

    Please do a review on the Jasmine Beauty Conditioner that smells like cake. mmm

    • HB says:

      Hey! It takes my hair a long time to dry no matter what products I use, so this one wasn’t any different than others. For deep conditioning, I either leave-in a condish w/ honey and EVOO added for a couple of hours, or just use straight up honey and EVOO. I love honey! I find info for all the products I try either on naturallycurly.com, nappturality.com or the longhaircareforum. Endless threads on products to try and reviews! I got those glasses from Urban Outfitters – I love them b/c they are the most obnoxious things ever, lol.

      I have tried the conditioner a couple of times and should be able to get in a review this week. 🙂

      • lifejourneytobenatural says:

        Wow you have sponge hair, soaks up most and stays moist. 😉 I think for me it depends on the product. Usually my hair will airdry really fast. My wash n gos can be dry around 2 or 2 1/2 hours but depends on the weather it seems too. Longer my hair, longer it takes. Imagine what you will have to be facing with longer curls to wait and dry. 🙂 Honey is not sticky for hair? I see a Bee aiming for the hair. hehe Just kidding. I think my hair loves shea butter. Anything creamy and sweet. My hair and nose loves.
        I am gonna have to spend more time surfing the threads on products. See what’s up and keep me on the informative line. Then I might get more of a PJ syndrome. LOL
        Thanks for sharing about Urban Outfitters. I like this store, but finding clothing there can be sketchy. The accessories and shoes are always rocking for me. I like the vintage touch. Have you worn the glasses on the streets of LA? If so what are people’s reactions? I would smile. I think it goes well with the frame of your face.

        Thank you if you’re able to get a review in this week. No pressure. 🙂 I bought some Alba Replenishing Shampoo/Conditioner. Have you tried this line before? Basically all the ingredients are in each bottle just different fragrance. Gonna may try it tomorrow and see how my hair loves or hate!

      • HB says:

        Hah! I wear those glasses all the time…great UV protection! I usually get compliments on them, but they aren’t nearly as crazy as some of the things I see people wearing in LA. Not by a longshot…

        I have one of the Alba conditioners, but I realized that it has cones, so I use it on my dog now! As I’ll say in my upcoming review ;), I really like Babassu Conditioner, and even bought her Shea Butter conditioners b/c I read a review that said it was like Oyin Honey Hemp (yum), and she has buy one get one free right now on Etsy. They shipped today and I can’t wait to get them! Hopefully they will be okay with the glycerin.

  2. Ralphie B says:

    The fro is fantastic! But I think your dog is trying to do his best Lassie and warn you against wearing those glasses again, LOL.

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