Feel the Burn…Let’s Play With Cayenne Pepper

Because I am an impatient Aries, I am continuously searching for ways to make my hair grow. And yes, Izzy is growing, but don’t we all wish that we could grow like, 2 inches of hair a month? Totally. Anyway, I’ve found that the things that work best are a) cleansing your scalp – your hair follicles are going to be sad and scared to come out and play if they are blocked from product/element build-up; and b) scalp massages – not only do they feel good, but massaging your scalp stimulates the hair follicle and opens up your pores, which is always a good thing. I’m also really into herbs that make my scalp tingle, like rosemary, and awhile ago, I read that cayenne pepper is good for hair growth, but I never really got around to buying and wasn’t sure what I’d mix it with or if it would burn my scalp (no thanks).

But – here we are, on Memorial Day (thanks, troops!), and I’m sitting here with this random cayenne pepper mix in my head. Why, you ask? Because I was using EVOO in my squirt bottle and wanted some other stuff to mix with it, so I looked into my hair ingredients and gathered:


– Cayenne Pepper

– Aloe Vera Juice (instead of water)

– Tresemme Naturals condish

– Full Fat Greek Yogurt

Perhaps I was doing a little much, so you can mix EVOO and cayenne pepper and make a paste and that should be fine. I mixed my ingredients until I got a thick liquid consistency, which made it very easy to distribute through my hair. When I put my plastic cap on, I felt the pepper make my scalp tingle – caliente!!! It definitely burns a bit, but I mean…could be worse (ie, relaxer burn!!). You can check out more information on cayenne pepper here. I’ll update if I see any difference in growth; right now Izzy is to the bridge of my nose, and I feel like she is growing SO SLOW!!!


Update: First, when you rinse this, be VERY careful!!! I definitely got pepper in my eyes and was blind for a little. Second, not sure about growth after the first application, but my hair was SO SOFT! What a great DC I’ve stumbled upon, even with the protein! I wonder how it would be with a little bit of honey added. Last, my scalp stills burns a little from the remnants of the pepper. I’m fine with it. Happy growing!

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    • HB says:

      Extra virgin olive oil. I used greek yogurt just because it’s the yogurt I buy for everything (eating and hair) and it was already in my fridge from when I did a Cherry Lola treatment. It apparently is higher quality than regular yogurt.

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