What Are You Wearing for National Afro Day?

So last night I was up kind of late because I realized that I didn’t have an outfit for National Afro Day on July 4th! Oh no, I thought…I need to represent! At first I was going to get a tshirt…but I’m not really a tshirt kind of girl when I’m actually going out rather than running errands or just chillin. Also, I am a total 80s baby and cut the neck off like EVERY tshirt that I own unless I work out in it, but I wasn’t sure that look was going to exude the true dedication to the fro that I have! 🙂 However, I do LOVE this tshirt:

You can pick it up at minoritees.com for $21.99. Cute! Anyway, I decided that I wanted an afro dress. Hmmm, now where do you get one of those?! I Googled “afro dress,” “afro clothing,” “afro clothes,” and “afro t shirt dress.” I came up short. Seriously, I was looking for like two hours! Just when I was about to give up, I thought I should check out Karmaloop – they always have funky clothes that I love. Sure enough, I checked their dress section and came across this beauty:

Now we’re talking! Yea so, it’s basically a long tank top and it’s pretty short. AND?! I love it! Leave it to Karmaloop to hook it up.

So what are you wearing on the 4th?


8 thoughts on “What Are You Wearing for National Afro Day?

  1. D.Rene. says:

    Thanks for the tip for the shirt, it’s so cute. And I’m not a huge t-shirt fan so that’s sayin’ something.

    Nice blog, I’ve subscribed to keep up with the happenings around here!


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