The Product Junkie Chronicles

When I had a relaxer, I didn’t care what I put in my hair as long as it did what the bottle claimed. “Red flag” ingredients were common in both my expensive and inexpensive product hauls. However, when I went natural, I began researching ingredients in order to find things that not only made my hair look good, but were also good for hair health. I learned that there were no real benefits, and even some cautions, with the above ingredients, so I cut them all out of my regimen unless I really loved a product. After all, many natural companies charge the same as salon products, so what did I have to lose?

My product junkie behavior grew exponentially, and as I look at my bathroom cabinet today, I am overwhelmed. When was the last time I was able to stroll into the drugstore and pick up some conditioner or gel? I can’t even remember; my trips to the beauty supply store now take forever, as I read through entire ingredients lists to look for one product that does not contain the ingredients I now shun. I buy most of my products online and often pay a hearty shipping and handling fee (sometimes up to $15), all because I feel as if I need products with lovely sounding names like kokum butter, burdock root, henna, amla, rosemary…trust me, I could go on. But in all honestly, who really did a thorough research study to conclude these ingredients actually benefit hair? Who is absolutely positive that my $20 conditioner is so much better than a drugstore brand? These are the things I often ponder. At the same time, I think my hair is growing out nicely, but who is to say that isn’t due to a healthy diet and good hair care?

In conclusion, I encourage you to listen to your hair above all else when choosing products. You may not need that $50 conditioner to get the deep treatment you need. Make sure your money is well spent and you hair is happy; everything else is just marketing.

6 thoughts on “The Product Junkie Chronicles

  1. melissa says:

    i know what you mean about taking forever at the beauty supply store! they always think im lost or something lol.

  2. Aiden says:

    I must ask… I noticed in your Qhemet Biologics and Carol’s Daughter reviews that you purchased full size products to try. I’ve been wondering why you don’t opt for sample/smaller sizes when trying a product out for the first time?

    • HB says:

      A lot of sample sizes aren’t cost efficient (to me), at least when you factor in shipping. For instance, the Carol’s Daughter sample size is about 4oz and $10, while the full size is $20 and 10oz, and I can return it to Sephora if I don’t like it. I rarely ever buy samples unless I am ordering another product from the same site and want a smaller size to try of a product that isn’t as appealing to me, but the sample needs to be at least 4oz.

  3. Ms.A says:

    Yes! Using your money wisely on products is a MUST, especially during these difficult times.

    That is why I don’t let the name brand hype of certain products get to me. For example, Carol’s daughter is mad expensive for something that doesn’t even work for my hair OR it doesn’t work as good as more affordable products.

    Yep, I agree with the poster above. Shea Moisture products at Target like the curl smoothie work really well. I’m always on the search for new products.

    For now, I save money and take care of my hair, using healthy ingredients.

    Can’t beat that…

  4. Ronda says:

    I feel you. I bought alot of stuff from the beauty supply but after following the CG method I think the drugstore stuff works just as well for co-washing and finishing. I think where I don’t want to skip is leave-in and deep conditioner. If those are a cheap version your hair might rebel. Hopefully I speak for everyone that follows this blog we appreciate the PJ in you that tries products so that we benefit from your experience.

    I spent the $50 on Miss Jessie’s rapid recovery but found an equally and much more product friendly deep conditioner in Shea Moisture for $10 (with no cones which is HARD to do). But I have to Tae Kwon Do somebody if they mess with my KCCC/KCKT. That ish is the ish!

    • HB says:

      Thank you! The reason I review all the products I try is because I want others to get a bit more insight in addition to the site description before they spend their money. I think it just depends on your hair for all products – for instance, I love deep conditioning with Tresemme Naturals, even over most of my expensive conditioners, and I just reviewed a more expensive DC that I didn’t like at all and had to tweak in order to be able to use it. But, you’ll never see me spend $50 on a conditioner (especially Miss Jessie’s, lol), unless it has diamonds in it!

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