Hey EA Games, We Have Beef!!

It’s time for a rant! So this week I got The Sims 3, one of my all time favorite video game franchises. I was so excited, because I try not to play often, because…well, I need to have a social life and I can play The Sims for like, 15 hrs straight. So I’m like all set to make my Sim, ready to give the virtual version of a huge fro, right? I mean, okay, so it’s stereotypical, but they at least usually have a fro, and I wasn’t expecting them to have a Sim with curly/coily hair like mine (maybe one day, I can dream!). But…no such luck! I couldn’t believe it…the hair styles to choose from were mostly either short/medium/long straight hair, a few with wavy hair (that I guess was supposed to be curly, womp…), one with like this ugly poofy hair…whatever, here are some examples:

Oh! And they had this horrible braided hairstyle…think like, Bo Derek in Ten. Pass on that. Now, I will say, they did have an option for a TWA, and that was what I initially picked. But, man! I wanted more hair!! I’ve worked hard to grow Izzy out, I didn’t even want to do a virtual BC! Sadly, I just decided to give my Sim a weave. 😦

For men, it didn’t get any better…just regular fades, OH, and cornrows (obviously)! Smh. No big ol’ Huey-esque ‘fro. I was saddened.

So what’s the deal, EA?! Something against curly hair? Or is it too many pixels?

8 thoughts on “Hey EA Games, We Have Beef!!

  1. Efuru says:

    I’m late but they are quite a few simmer-created dreadlocks and curly dos (a lot are conversions from the sims 2), check out modthesims (as someone mentioned), and also Garden of Shadows (in the Genetic Drift) section.

  2. BigHurr says:

    LOL!!! I just downloaded TS2 Apartment Life….I’m just rocking either the twist or cornrows(lol!) Or I’ll do the hats with the asym bobs…..curly hair is not an option on the Sims….LOL!!
    I’m glad I’m not the only Sims Geek!

  3. trntm says:

    LOL! EA/Maxis has never supplied good curly hair. I still play TS2 and depend on custom content for my sims curly, kinky hair options.

  4. Vida Star says:

    You like hella late with that. But anyway that has been a topic of discussion for a minute on the sims boards. (Yes I’m a sims geek). I’m just waiting on some good hair downloads to come up. Hopefully soon…

    All the good sims stuff comes from Sims boards like Mod The Sims and stuff like that.

    • HB says:

      Oh hush, I didn’t want to get it on the computer b/c I’m waiting for it to come out on Wii. I got bored one day though…Hopefully they read the comments and put up more options for the console versions b/c you can’t download more.

  5. Ravengirl says:

    Yeah EA didn’t provide any good hair styles in the Sims 3 base game. I mean there was a fro (an ugly one) in the Sims 2. It was probably done to motivate people to stuff from their store or one of the stuff packs.
    You’ll probably find what your looking for on one of the mod websites.
    Modthesims.info is good place to start to find a player-made ‘fro.

    • HB says:

      Thanks, I’m going to look for one. But the funky thing is, it wasn’t just fros, it was like all curly hair! Those fake looking loose waves were not curly hair! Where is the volume!? Lol, I’m just mad at them b/c I love the Sims and I know they have the design capabilities to do it. So wth is the problem!

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