Does That Mean Izzy is Growing Up?

During my daily browsing of the Naturally Curly website, I came across an interesting article about TWAs – specifically, when your TWA, or teenie weenie afro, simply becomes an afro. I have discussed this various times with the women on, but I had never seen the answer given in the article. Previously, I was under the impression that you no longer had a TWA when you can put your hair in a pony tail, or when it at least starts to hang down. However, the article states that you don’t have a TWA when you can do different things with your hair, such as twist, braid, or bantu knot it. So now, I’m kind of on the fence. I mean…yes, I’m lazy, so I don’t do any of those things to Izzy; however, I could definitely twist/braid her if I had the patience. I also found this statement interesting:

“Simply, a TWA’s length can range from about a quarter of an inch to two inches.”

Now, I’m not saying it’s wrong by any means, it’s just an interesting perception. When Izzy was over two inches, I felt as if she was still short – definitely not out of TWA range. In fact, I still call her a TWA, and my shrinkage isn’t even excessive. Well, I would agree that Izzy is rather…dense, but not necessarily big. So, what do you all think? When did you decide that your TWA was no more?

6 thoughts on “Does That Mean Izzy is Growing Up?

  1. onceuponatime says:

    I think it’s okay for people to come up with some kind of guidline “definition” of any hair characteristic, but at the end of the day you have to make your own definitions.

  2. Monique says:

    i feel like I’m a transitional twa. I have some major length to my hair now and can do some styles but it doesn’t hang down though.

  3. kingsmomma says:

    Thi sis interesting. I definitely call my hair a TWA but the shrinkage is ridiculous. I can bantu knot it but have never straightened it. I don’t know what stage it’s in but I like it.

  4. Lauryn says:

    in my opinion… if u cant have a ponytail. I mean a REAL fully grown ponytail, then ur in twa stages still. Im not really for all that grey area stuff. Women growing their hair out get soooo antsy to get in to grown fro stages but the reality is if it looks little then it is little. But that is just fine! 🙂

    Patience is a virtue… or so they say lol

    • HB says:

      Well I kind of agree, but what about women who have a ton of shrinkage, but when their hair is straight it’s past their shoulders? Can you still call that a TWA if you have 10+ inches of hair? Their hair will still look little, even if it is much longer.

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