My Favorite Natural Hair Resources

Okay, so I’ll admit it. I’m a little obsessed with hair. I research something about hair everyday, and always look for reviews or additional information about a product before I buy it. But where do I find all this information? Obviously, a variety of sources, depending on what I am looking for. Here are my top five picks:

1. Google – I promise, I’m not trying to be a jerk about this. Google is my go to source for finding information about specific ingredients (supplements, humectants, herbs, emollients, etc); sometimes I want to know how they are beneficial to hair, sometimes I just want to know what they are supposed to do for my overall health. Also, forum threads often pop up in the first few hits for popular hair boards, so it makes navigation easier. All of this info is super easy to find via Google. I love you, Google!

2. Naturally Curly – My favorite hair board hands down. I have gotten SO much information from this site it’s just plain ridiculous. Also, they have product reviews for like, a bajillion products and an online store to buy hair products from multiple companies in one place. As I have said before, this site is one of the reasons I felt I was able to go natural. Love!

3. The Natural Haven – This blog is a really good source of information regarding the science of hair, and it’s written by a scientist in the UK. She goes over pH, glycerin, biotin for growth, sulfates, and much more. The site isn’t all into bells and whistles and pretty graphics, but I’m not really into that anyway. I just like good information, and this site if full of it! I also like how she cites all the facts in her articles back to their scientific source. Not something like – well my friend told me that xyz make her hair grow so much! Good stuff here.

4. EmpressRi via YouTube – Ri is definitely my favorite YouTuber. Why? Because she has tried EVERYTHING. Every time I am wondering about a new product I’m like, “You know, I bet Ri tried that…” and sure enough, she’s got a review of it, lol! In fact, the main thing I like about YouTube is the product reviews, because I usually get to see a product before buying it – like, I can see if it’s watery, super thick, etc…just takes some of the guessing out of it, since I order most of my products online.

5. Twitter – I keep a window open for #naturalhair on my Tweetdeck because fabulous naturals are constantly tweeting natural hair tips, links, pics of hairstyles, and opinions on products. It’s right there in front of me, so why wouldn’t I take advantage of it? There’s also a #naturalhair chat every Sunday (I think @ 7pm EST? – if I’m wrong, please correct me!).

Well, those are my top five. So what are yours?


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