Detangling With My New Mason Pearson!

This is the C7 Mason Pearson Rake Comb, which retails for about $28. It’s definitely the best comb I have ever used, but I feel as if I should have tested out another seamless comb before I got this one. But, I’m still going to call it a win!


11 thoughts on “Detangling With My New Mason Pearson!

    • HB says:

      Took the advice from the ladies on NC…added a bunch more condish after rinsing, then shook out my hair and smoothed/scrunched while rinsing. It really made a difference!

  1. cassadie says:

    lol “see, that’s Junkie. Thats the Junkie in me talking.” IT SURE IS!!!

    Tresemme Naturals is cone free, right? How much for a bottle?

    • HB says:

      LOL, I know, how crackish is that?! “Hey, let me get a $30 comb because I can’t buy products…” Smdh. Tresemme is cone free, it does have some protein though. It’s usually on sale at the grocery store for like, $4 a bottle or 2 for $7 – for a 25 oz bottle. I always buy 2 at a time b/c I go through one like every 2 weeks.

  2. ty says:

    looks like you have your curls after detangling, which you said you usually dont. hair looks good. i’m not fully convinced it’s due to the comb šŸ™‚

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