Izzy Experiments: Shingling and Twisting

Yesterday, I think I spent the ENTIRE day on my hair. I woke up and bought ingredients for my deep conditioner, then I DC’ed then I shingled my hair. Okay, shingle FAIL. I hated how my hair looked. It wasn’t the shingling results per se, that was actually pretty good. But, my hair is fairly short, and parted it looked like:

So fuggalicious!!! And wooo boy, look at them roots! Ugh. I need to just indigo and get it over with…that is not the business. Anywho, I was like really, I just spent 30 minutes putting gel in my hair and I look like a Miss Jessie’s experiment gone wrong (no, I did not use Miss Jessie’s, lol!). Honestly, I just think my hair is too short and thick for a side part – it was like triangle hair something serious. I really didn’t want to deal with cowashing again tomorrow, so I decided to twist my hair. What, what did you say? Yes, I got off my lazy butt and twisted my hair!

I divided Izzy into four sections, then look pieces from the bottom to the top, adding Koils by Nature Hair Butter to each section, and went over each section with my denman before twisting. It took me one and a half episodes of Bones – not too bad. And fortunately, I’m pretty damn proud of myself! Check them out:

What do you think? The only thing is I pray they dry overnight – Izzy never wants to dry and I want to do a twist out! We shall see how it goes…til next time, loves!


7 thoughts on “Izzy Experiments: Shingling and Twisting

  1. lifejourneytobenatural says:

    I do not think your first portrait looks fuggalicious. I think it actually looks great. I remember going to Miss Jessie’s site to look at the hair tutorial methods, and practice. I could never get same results except the blow drying and stretching my curl with an attachment, not the diffuser. Have you ever tried this method? I used warm heat to stretch my curls but others say to use cool air.

    Your hair is very thick. Your twists do not look smaller here. So it took about a 1 1/2? It does take more time when you’re applying butter and combing through before twisting. For me I just applied the butter from Shescentit and started twisting, no combing or brushing as I go.

    Is it better to do protective styles during the winter? I guess I’m the only crazy one who doesn’t. I still do my wash n gos or wear it straight, but before I cut it. I did the plaits which dried overnight. Earlier you wash and plait/braid yourself in the day, the better. It will have time to dry overnight. I would do like early evening and sometimes at night.

    • HB says:

      Hi Jennifer! I did my BC on Dec 26th and had about an inch of hair. In this pic, I have about 5-6 inches, and that took around 8 months. Hope that helps!!

    • HB says:

      LOL I got really bored and that shingling was a mess! I am also trying to figure out ways to protective style for winter, because I don’t feel like having to pay $50 for some cornrows at my salon and my hair cannot fit under a wig cap!

  2. gigi says:

    I think it looked cute. I shingled today, but I turned it into a puff.

    But I think i will try a twist out next so I dont have to co wash again, thanks to you.

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